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You know, every day it seems to become more and more apparent that Glorious Bleater has lost whatever tiny portion of his brontosaurus mind he had left. Which is only going to make the upcoming upheaval I see in his future even more fun to watch.

Here’s point A. Trump, through his personal legal beagle, Michael Cohen, is trying to shut up retired adult film star Stormy Daniels by intimidation. Am I the only one who sees the absurdity of this course of action? While a “normal,” attractive woman may call spending more than 30 second in the presence of Der Gropinfuror a living hell, Stormy Daniels called it lunch break. Ms Daniels spent her entire career surrounded by arrogant, aggressive, sexist pigs trying to dominate and intimidate her. If a little slug like Mike Cohen is the best Trump has going to bat for him, I’ve got $50 on Stormy Daniels.

Ms Daniels’ lawsuit enlightens us to the fact that there were likely still images of Trump, along with text messages, and maybe even video. We know this because the confidentiality agreement that she signed was an attachment to the lawsuit that was filed. Sarah Flackabee Slanders took a victory lap over the fact that a secret arbitration officer hit Stormy Daniels with a TRO banning her from speaking, or releasing any other documents or information. Maybe I’m a moron, but I don’t think it’s going to matter.

Let me ask you a question. Say you meet somebody famous, what do you do? You take a couple of selfies, and immediately following the encounter, you text all of your friends and tell them the good news. But what do you do if your friends claim that you’re full of shit? Why, you send them the selfies of course! We already know that Ms Daniels engaged in at least some of this activity, since when the initial story came out about Daniels’ affair with Trump broke, another porn star came forward to corroborate her account, stating that not only did Trump try to get her up to his room with Daniels, but that afterwards, Daniels even confided in her, talking about Trump chasing her around in his tighty-whiteys.

Right now Michael Cohen, and the Cruella De Ville of the press briefing room are taking a victory lap, slamming Stormy Daniels as a liar. And she can’t do a goddamn thing to defend herself. But that doesn’t mean that one or more of her friends can’t defend her, with whatever weapons that they have at their disposal. After her interaction with Trump, what if Ms Daniels sent some, let’s just say, explicit text messages about her interaction with Trump, and quite possibly some images that might be rather personally embarrassing for the Pervert in Chief. Why wouldn’t one of the recipients of those messages and images release them to the press, to prove that Stormy wasn’t lying? And if that happens, soup’s on.

What can Trump or Cohen possibly do if that event occurs? If Stormy Daniels sent those texts and images contemporaneously at the time, the time stamps will prove it. And at the time she sent those texts and images, Ms Daniels was’t bound by a confidentiality agreement. She was free to say and sent what she liked. And if any of Ms Daniels friends who kept those images or texts as amusing, or as proof for when relating the stories to others release them, so what? They didn’t sign any confidentiality agreement, nor receive any money in return for their silence. Stormy Daniels would not have violated her agreement with Trump and Cohen, she wasn’t covered by it when she sent the information, and she did not personally release it while she was under the agreement.

This is one of the big problems of being an arrogant, pompous, self adoring horse’s ass, you tend to forget the fact that neither you, nor your intended victim live in a vacuum, especially not in the digital age. Anything is possible of course, but I just have a funny feeling that if there are compromising images or texts regarding Donald Trump, we’re going to be seeing them long before any California judge rules on whether or not MS Daniels is free to speak her mind. Just call it a hunch. We shall see.


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