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If you’re one of those miserable, lefty tree huggers, you probably hate Scott Pruitt. If you think that a surgical face mask for walking down the street, a la Beijing is not a viable fashion accessory, you hate him. If you think that showering with 1 liter bottles of water, Flint, MI style is cumbersome, then Scott Pruitt is not the guy for you. But y’all ain’t the President, so just shut up and wheeze.

Trump tends to have two kinds of cabinet appointees. There’s the stealth destruction type, who burrow quietly in like termites and weaken the foundation of the agency. Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State was a perfect example of that, so is Betsy DeVos. Then, there’s the Ghostbusters Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man type, who clomps around, pounding everything in sight into rubble. Scott Pruitt is one of those.

If you’re Trump, Scott Pruitt is a gift from heaven to run the EPA. Pruitt repeatedly has said that the EPA is useless, and that the environment would get along just fine if the agency were abolished. As the Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt sued the EPA at least 14 times over regulations, and in 13 of those cases, at least one of the co litigants was a campaign contributor to Pruitt. Scott Pruitt lawsuits against the EPA tended to be like rocks thrown into a pond. They made a splash, and then sank to the bottom of the legal system.

There was a rumor earlier this week that had Trump firing Jeff Sessions, and then temporarily appointing Scott Pruitt to take over the DOJ so that he could axe Robert Mueller. Now, it looks like Robert Mueller may be the one sending flowers to Scott Pruitt’s political funeral.

Scott Pruitt is in trouble with the White House. Granted, there is a cornucopia of reasons for Pruitt to be in hot water with his overlords. There’s that $45,000 secure phone booth, so there’s no chance of anybody hearing him calling naked party chat lines. Then, there’s the 24/7 security detail, cuz like, he’s a top kill priority for ISIS, or at least a tree hugger. Or maybe it’s the $175,000 in private and first class air travel he’s racked up for himself and his security detail, because scruffy people keep giving him shit about the environment in coach. Or the latest installment in the saga, the fact that he rented a room in Washington in a house owned by a lobbyist who represents clients in Oklahoma with business interests in front of the EPA.

Nah, forget all of that shit, it ain’t that. Remember, here you have a President whose son in law is a top adviser, and said son in law is trying to soak foreign governments for investments in his company business in exchange for boycotts against Qatar. And the President himself is filling his company pockets with foreign cash, and jacking up the rates at Mar-A-Lago to extort money from people hoping to get his ear for five little minutes. Pruitt is just following his boss’s example of good governance.

According to reporting in CNN, the White House isn’t pissed about the existence of the scandals, oh no, not at all. What the White House is pissed about is how they’re finding out about these scandals, which is through media reporting. Apparently they want an advance heads up from Pruitt when he’s doing something stupid, wasteful, or borderline unethical, so that they have time to cobble up some palsied excuse for Sarah Flackabee Slanders or Raj Shill to toss to the media when they start baying like basset hounds about it in the daily press briefings. And Pruitt’s lack of transparency about his shenanigans may just cost him his job.

Welcome to Trumpmenistan my friends, this is what our government has been reduced to. The President and the White House don’t so much care if their cabinet heads are running around pillaging like Captain Jack Sparrow on a weekend in Freeport, just so long as they have enough advance notice so that they can throw together some pap about all of the troops being tied up in mandatory sexual harassment training that day for the media. Our democracy at work.

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