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According to Business Insider, an email chain between White House special counsel Ty Cobb and a successful restaurant owner Jeff Jetton include Cobb’s assertion that he and Chief of Staff John Kelly are the only “adults in the room.” According to Business Insider, they were given this email exchange by Jetton, who has been a popular Russian/Trump investigation hound and had sent a particularly provocative email that Cobb decided to reply to via his White House email.

“How are you sleeping at night? You’re a monster,” Jetton wrote to Cobb’s White House email account on Tuesday night.

“Like a baby…” wrote Cobb, who was brought in to the White House to oversee Trump’s legal and media response to the ongoing Russia investigation.

The conversation gets quickly insane with Jetton very vociferously attacking Cobb and Cobb replying in a semi-snarky way—but not altogether unreasonable.

Asked later by Jetton to “set the record straight” and explain how Cobb is “justifying” his role at the White House to himself and others, Cobb replied he “can say assertively [that] more adults in the room will be better. Me and Kelly among others.”

Mother Jones was able to get a response about the emails from Cobb.

Asked by Mother Jones about the exchange on Wednesday morning, Cobb said, “I was trying to turn someone who appeared angry into a friend. And privately. My bad. This was what I believed to be a private conversation. There are many pros and talented people in the White House. I am proud to be there. It was not for public consumption but it appears I was catfished.” He noted he was “disappointed” that Mother Jones would report on these emails.

Not sure that is what being “catfished” means, but I’m sure Cobb didn’t want that exchange to go public.

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