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A White House source states that the Nunes Memo will be released by the White House, Thursday February 1st, 2018, and much Alt-Right joy will descend upon the land.

The Memo cherry picks from thousands of pages of testimony and evidence to distill down to four pages of the most confusingly biased material, most guaranteed to churn false outrage among the already outraged.

The internet will come to life tomorrow with white hot anger that somehow the FBI had surveillance into a presidential campaign. As if the very act of having surveillance in a campaign is something so obviously wrong, that Obama is surely “lawyering-up” in the words of the “Alt-Right.”

Some perspective cannot bear repeating enough:

  1. It is the worst kept secret in Washington that the “fault”behind the Nunes’ Memo is that the probable cause affidavit failed to mention that some of the information for the probable cause affidavit came from a dossier paid for (in part) by the Clinton campaign. Perhaps the affidavit did not mention the campaign ties. But, the salient point is that affidavits are tested for their credibility, and the fact that an affidavit may not have disclosed the campaign ties does not make the material not credible. Indeed, Christopher Steele was the former MI-6 hear of the Russia desk, few people on Earth have greater credibility in accessing raw intelligence.
  2. The affidavit and the FBI generally had FAR more information on possible meddling than just the information which came in through Christopher Steele and his dossier. The FBI received tips from Australia, the Netherlands, and had known of Trump ties to Russia for over a decade.
  3. Even if one pretends that the FBI was irredeemably corrupt, even if the early evidence had all been obtained illegally, the net effect in a criminal trial would be to throw out the evidence as fruit of the poisonous tree, which is a good doctrine when it comes to the average every day criminal. In this matter, applying the doctrine would leave a Russian-asset in place in the Oval Office because the evidence had been obtained illegally. One might challenge the Alt-Righters: “So, if the evidence is correct, it just was obtained illegally, your remedy is to leave the Russian agent in place in the oval office because they investigated him wrong?” It seems that when the presidency is at issue, we should hope for a higher standard. O.J. is not criminal guilty of murder because the jury did not believe the cops despite all the evidence. Here, we have the Alt-Right wanting Trump to remain president because they believe the cops broke the rules, even though they don’t contest the evidence.
  4. NONE OF THIS MATTERS to Mueller’s investigation. Mueller’s evidence will come from primary sources. Mueller is interviewing the people involved. Flynn, Page, Papadopalous, Bannon, Kushner. The dossier does not bear upon the evidence Mueller gleans from the people who were involved, the people who undertook the acts. It is a complete distraction.
  5. The Memo leaves out thousands of pages explaining why what happened occurred. The four pages may set forth actions which appear to describe unlawful or ill-motivated acts. Thousands of left-out pages might provide all the information on needs to see that the actions are not as described. The memo is intended to manipulate, do not allow it to do so, insist upon seeing the evidence in its entirety. Remember, Donald Trump’s own DOJ states that the Memo is “extraordinarily reckless.”

And, when Democrats on the committee asked Nunes if he coordinated with the White House in the preparation of the memo, he did not deny that he had. The memo simply reflects the facts as Trump wants them reported.

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