White House significantly concerned about McGahn testimony. Been briefed “in broad brush strokes”

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Jonathan Karl on ABC News this morning broke some big news. The White House has been briefed “in broad brush strokes” about the Mueller report. You can watch the short video below for more. Here is part of what Jonathan said:

…they have been briefed but I’m told it is in broad brush strokes….

…there is significant concerns about what will be in here, new information, on the obstruction of justice question… on what the President was doing regarding some of the big questions….How far did he go down the line to try to fire Mueller or talk about firing Mueller?

And what worries them most is what Don McGahn told the Special Counsel. …I’m told [McGahn spent] significantly more than 30 hours [testifying to Mueller]…

Giving more credence to the idea that the White House has been briefed on the contents of the report, Raw Story reports that a WSJ article says:

…attorneys for the president are at the same time preparing a rebuttal, whittling down a 140 pages long document that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani indicated would come in at approximately 50 pages.


How could they prepare a 50 page rebuttal unless they know what is in the report?

It’s disgusting that Barr refused to answer questions this week about whether the White House has been briefed. Barr is working with the WH against the American people.

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