It is pretty obvious that Donald Trump is attempting to do a Big Brother spin in his last few days and just hope that it flies. Tuesday the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy ranked “‘ending the Covid-19 pandemic’ atop the list of President Donald Trump’s top first-term accomplishments,” quoting from Politico. What’s that you say? Infections have spiked to 70,000 new cases a week, which is worse than ever and one day last week the number was 83,000 — for that day alone? No matter. Trump announced that we have “rounded the corner” and he intends to push that narrative, the facts be damned. And he’s got this government office co-signing on his lies.

It’s the latest inaccurate claim from the administration on the severity of the pandemic, which Trump has downplayed throughout his reelection campaign, and as Vice President Mike Pence’s office is dealing with an outbreak. Trump, who insists the country is “rounding the turn” on the coronavirus, continues to hold packed campaign rallies and attacks the news media for focusing on surging infections.

Despite the White House’s optimistic rhetoric, health officials warn that things could get worse as winter approaches and people are forced to spend more time indoors.

Last week, the country set a new record of 83,000 cases in a single day, and the seven-day case average is now hovering around 70,000 — more than any other time during the pandemic. Over 42,000 people are hospitalized with Covid-19, up from about 30,000 one month ago, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

We are not at war with the coronavirus. We have never been at war with the coronavirus. And don’t ask what’s in Room 101.


      • Let us hope so unless the “new and improved” Supreme Court steals it from the will of the American People. The GOP is setting us up for that. Why else did Judge Barrett need to be confirmed BEFORE the election? Plenty of time for her to be confirmed before January 20th. Oh, and of course she needs to help overturn ACA.


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