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A few weeks ago, the House Oversight Committee requested that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appear at tomorrow’s hearing on the Office of Special Counsel’s recommendation that she be removed from her post—and government entirely—for repeated and willful violations of the Hatch Act, a prohibition against public officials using their government posts to engage in campaign-related activities. OSC head Henry Kerner, himself a Trump appointee, is expected to appear and has already provided blistering written testimony on Conway’s behavior.

Conway will not take advantage of this opportunity to clear her name, however. The Trump White House has responded to the committee with yet another round of slash-and-burn immunity claims, this time asserting that even if lawmakers vote tomorrow to issue a subpoena to Conway, the White House will not respect it. Since Conway works in the White House as a presidential counselor, White House lawyers are claiming that she is immune from congressional subpoenas pertaining even to her own alleged abuses of her position.

This is another obviously asinine argument: There is no indication that Conway will be asked about her communications with Trump or, in fact, with any other of the creatures that scuttle through the White House. There is therefore no possible executive privilege claim; Team Trump is instead insisting that Conway is immune from being compelled to testify even about her own alleged illegal acts due to her raw proximity to the president. It is, yet again, a claim that the Trump White House can nullify congressional investigative powers as it pleases, and for any purpose.

Even offering up such an argument could be considered an impeachable offense. Trump was presented a report from his own appointed watchdog describing not only repeated illegal acts by a top administration official, but that official’s open contempt for the law and for those that would have her follow it. His refusal to take action is a violation of his oath of office. Yet again, Trump responds to illegal acts by those around him by choosing to insert himself as accomplice.

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    • Either Pelosi begins impeachment inquiry or she is toast in her own district, she is showing her true corporate colors. There is plenty of evidence to impeach.

  1. I recall that Democrats were voted in to the house to take a stand against this lawless administration. Their categorical failure to effectively do so will asphyxiate their hopes in any of the 2020 elections. In fact I suspect they will lose the house just as quickly as they gained it if they continue to inadvertently act complicity with the Trump administration. I have tremendous respect for Pelosi but she is demonstrating a passivity that is untenable at a time when this country is facing complete destruction from within. We all know that the impeachment inquiry will neutralize virtually all of the White House stonewalling and overt obstruction. It will open up pathways to getting the testimonies and the documents that are desperately needed to blow this farce that is this presidency wide open. There is no question that Trump is an out of control felon who won the White House with a huge assist from Putin and his cronies. Why is Nancy Pelosi so passive on the single most important duty of her position? The American public is asking why and there is cause for everyone to wonder what is her problem. If it is true that Democrats in the house can do more than one thing at a time, then she needs to demonstrate that publicly and show her supporters that she is capable of going toe to toe with the most lawless administration in the history of this once great nation!

    • Repubs cannot gain full control again or my benes are likely gone and they for sure wont make sure disability is kept whole when the disab trust fund runs dry again in 2022. It was only fixed for 6 years in 2016

  2. If this is not obstruction, then Pelosi and the Dems should be replaced. That SOB in the White House wants to play his silly effing games. It’s start playing his game and impeach the him. Then everyone that was subpoenaed and not shown up, have Federal Marshalls pick them up. I’m sick of the Dems waiting game.

  3. If this is not Obstruction of Justice, then I don’t know what is. It’s time for Trump and his whole effing gang be rounded up. Trump does shit like this because he’s calling the Dems bluff. Dems, if you are not going to do your damn job, get out.

  4. Here we go every time I comment about something the moderators are there. But Trump can say and do whatever he wants.


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