White House Invites Creator of Anti-Semitic Cartoon to “Social Media” Sob-fest.


The White House invited frequently anti-Semitic cartoonist Ben Garrison to it’s “Social Media Summit” next Thursday, where Republicans and their camp followers will undoubtedly cry about Social Media sites not giving them sufficient leeway to air their hateful racist and anti-Semitic views.

Huffington Post

“An artist blasted by the Anti-Defamation League for creating a “blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon” has been invited to the White House by President Donald Trump….

…Trump’s Social Media Summit is expected to address the president’s complaints that social media platforms’ policies against threats and hate speech are blocking conservative voices.

Two years ago, Garrison created an inflammatory cartoon depicting Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros using puppet strings to control then-Gen. H.R. McMaster, who was serving as Trump’s national security adviser at the time, and retired Gen. David Petraeus. The image was a nod to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that a secretive international Jewish cabal controls the world. In the cartoon, Soros is being controlled by a hand labeled the “Rothschilds,” a famous Jewish banking family.

Garrison revealed on his website that he was commissioned to create the image by his “good buddyMike Cernovich for the right-wing provocateur’s website, which was then attacking McMaster. (The version of the cartoon that Garrison shows on his own site has cropped out the hand of the Rothschilds.) Cernovich, who is characterized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a misogynistic white nationalist, promulgated the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats were running a child sex trafficking ring from a Washington pizzeria.”

Garrison bragged about his invite on Twitter:

Despite Garrison crediting Cernovich as his inspiration for the above cited cartoon, he really needs  no urging at all.

Some other examples:

Nice, “The White Race” depicted with a Swastika armband.

Absolutely disgusting — but no surprise, given who resides there — that this piece of shit should dine in our White House on our dime.

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Evil is contagious…some of the most vulnerable are egocentric sociopaths.


Wasn’t his father shown in a demonstration as a Nazi? WikiLeaks had a story about his German grandfather leaving Germany to avoid the draft. They stated he went to the gold fields where he ran houses of ill repute. Trump loves WikiLeaks so it must be true. The apple does no fall far from the tree as previous story indicates.