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The indispensable Gabriel Sherman has a new inside look at the Trump train, which went off the rails months ago and is currently barreling down a Tokyo thruway in a ‘50s Godzilla movie:

Vanity Fair:

As the Robert Mueller loop tightens around the president, his erratic behavior is causing alarm among his most senior staff. “The staff is fed up he’s acting like a nut. They can’t get him to stop tweeting,” a former official said.

Trump still has the ability to compartmentalize, and his mood has yo-yoed. Last night, he was jovial at a White House Christmas party attended by Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ryan Zinke, Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Diamond and Silk.

Wait, what? Diamond and Silk attend White House Christmas parties? Did Ted Nugent shit his pants to get out of it?

In one sign of the discontent in the West Wing, Communications Director Bill Shine has told friends that he’s thinking about signing a month-to-month lease for his Washington apartment, according to a source. “Bill is very frustrated,” a person familiar with his thinking said.

Bill Shine has had enough? A veteran Fox News-ite thinks the White House’s messaging is off the deep end? Oh, we’re through the looking glass and well into the second hour of a bad acid trip.

West Wing officials anticipate more departures—and worry that filling the jobs may be difficult. “I want them all out,” Trump fumed to officials, referring to Kelly’s loyalists, a person briefed on the conversation said. Sources said Deputy Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes and counselor to the president John DeStefano are likely to leave. “You got tumbleweeds blowing through the West Wing. It’s already understaffed,” a former official told me. Kelly also remains a source of suspicion. According to a source, allies of Trump have told the president that Kelly could leak to reporters once he’s out of the White House, and are pushing Trump to get Kelly to sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.

More nondisclosure agreements? Dude, John Kelly is not a porn star you screwed one night while watching Shark Week in your bungalow. As far as we know.

The whole thing is worth a read, especially if you’re a big fan of fucknuttery.

Enjoy, and recoil in fear.

Happy holidays, all!

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  1. He is a nutcase and has been for most of his life. He needs to be removed from office ASAP. They have so much evidence against him. He is a dilusional nut case. His family is up there with him. He brought them up to be just as corrupt as he is.


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