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Thursday morning, Donald “genius” Trump threw a wrench in the work of congressional efforts to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), slamming it as potentially having been used to surveil Trump Tower and inform the Steele dossier. Only problem was, Trump was very much for it before he was against it and then a couple hours later he was for it, again.  

Okay, now that you have the background, you just have to watch this video. In effect, reporter Hallie Jackson asks why Americans should trust Trump’s tweets when they’re so confusing, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders responds by calling her stupid. Make sure to appreciate that Jackson keeps her composure and simply confirms that Sanders just actually said what she said.

At the end there, after Sanders adds: “It wasn’t confusing for me, I’m sorry if it was for you.”

C’mon, now, let’s all appreciate that Sanders has finally logged a moment so ridiculously ludicrous that it’s on par with Spicer’s inaugural crowd-size implosion. Anyway, you can take her word for it or, alternatively:

Phones at the White House began ringing almost immediately after Trump wrote at 7:33 a.m. ET that the FISA program up for reauthorization in the House on Thursday may have been used to “badly surveil” his campaign.
On the blinking lines: Republican lawmakers and top intelligence officials perplexed that Trump had appeared to contradict more than a week of public statements from the administration in support of the reauthorization, which allows the government to conduct warrantless spying on US soil. […]
“(Chief of staff John) Kelly’s phone was ringing off the hook,” said one senior Republican official close to intelligence matters on Capitol Hill.


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