White House Hilariously Makes Same Screw Up Twice, Sends Ukraine Talking Points to the Democrats — Again


The Trump White House has got to be a madhouse to work in. Memos have gone out with typos in them, confidential inter-office correspondence has gone out on the wrong printer and been seen by people not authorized, and in it’s latest display of uber-efficiency, this White House has sent Republican talking points to the Democrats regarding Trump’s July 25 call to Ukraine and the removal of it’s ambassador — twice. Not once, twice. In corporate America, the whole lot of these clowns would have already been sacked. I guess this is good enough for government work, at least in this administration. The Hill:

“We are not concerned with any information Yovanovitch might share, because the President did nothing wrong,” the White House email meant for Republicans said. “But we are concerned that Schiff is putting her a precarious position by having her testify in secret without State Department lawyers be present.”

“It raises serious questions about why Schiff is willing to put career officials in such risky situations while bullying them with legally unfounded threats of obstruction charges,” the email added.

The email marks the second time the White House has unintentionally sent talking points to Democrats in recent weeks, after an administration official inadvertently emailed them suggested rhetoric defending the July 25 phone call.

For her own part, former Ambassador Yovanovitch told House lawmakers that she was removed after “a concerted campaign against” her from Trump and his associates, and that the campaign to remove her had been going on since the summer of 2018. Kinda makes you wonder if maybe the plan to put people favorable to Trump’s interests in Ukraine and to extort information from Ukraine was planned quite a while back, don’t you think?

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Trump and the boys setting up a little business for after he’s president.

I wonder if these aren’t errors, but a deliberate act by someone in the WH trying to expose the machinations behind the scenes. Maybe this is one of the acts referred to by the anonymous staff member who wrote an op-ed in the NY Times in Sept. 2018, in essence saying that there was a cadre of patriots in the WH, working to keep the ship of state afloat and on an even keel. (I think whoever it is who wrote it is morally reprehensible, as are his/her colleagues.) OTOH, this is the kind of incompetence that we’ve come to… Read more »