White House Halloween party told kids to ‘Build the wall’ using red paper bricks

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The depravity knows no end. It is a bottomless abyss, filled with putrid, vile hate. And all are encouraged to leap into the abyss, even children:

Children were told to ‘build the wall’ at White House Halloween party

WASHINGTON — A Halloween party on Oct. 25 at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building featured candy, paper airplanes and — concerning for some attendees — a station where children were encouraged to help “Build the Wall” with their own personalized bricks.

Photos of the children’s mural with the paper wall were provided to Yahoo News.

The party, which took place inside the office building used by White House staff, included the families of executive-branch employees and VIP guests inside and outside government. Even though many of the attendees were members of President Trump’s administration, not everyone thought the Halloween game was a treat.

“Horrified. We were horrified,” said a person who was there and requested anonymity to avoid professional retaliation.

The “Build the Wall” mural was on the first floor, outside the speechwriter’s office and next to the office of digital strategy and featured red paper bricks, each bearing the name of a child.

Kids dressed as superheroes and ninjas were given brick-colored paper cards and told to write their name with a marker and tape them to the wall.

And for those who were and are offended by this horrific, racist display in a government building, get over it. It was a joke!

However, a person who works with the Trump administration said people were making too much out of a children’s display. “Everyone loses their minds over everything, and nothing can be funny anymore,” the person said.
A Republican congressional staffer was more blunt: “Who gives a s*** about EEOB having Halloween decorations.”

Yes, they can go lower. There is always a “lower” with this crowd.


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It’s pretty sad when they try to use the children to try to make a statement, I saw the other day when it and melonie put their candy bars on that poor kids head, and it fell to the floor, he was wearing a minion costume, they seemed so pleased with themselves, they put the candy in every other kids bag, pure deviant slime.