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On an afternoon in which I am simmering, waiting to calm down after learning this morning that “my” current president diss’d my other one (dual citizenry is cool). Trump called out one of the world classiest, most down-to-Earth Prime Ministers and “Dads,” as deserving of a special place in hell. Add to that, the fact that Mike Huckabee got onto my Nicole, as having had a liberal lobotomy (is that where they put your frontal lobe back?), and, well, I’m having a sour day.

So, I read with interest about a White House employee who deals with nothing but the bitter end of sour days. According to Politico, Trump often rips up papers and throws them away. This revelation shocks exactly nobody, especially not Justin Trudeau or Nicole Wallace. However, as much as Trump might want papers ripped up, gone entirely, eviscerated, burned, what have you, document preservation laws mandate that the White House keep schedules, memos, speeches, public digital communications and more. The National Archives staff have frequently reminded the White House to follow the Presidential Records Act, but Trump’s staff has been sort of “hit and miss? in document preservation?

We’ll let Raw Story pick it up from here:

That’s where Solomon Lartey comes in. The records management analyst has spent hours tediously attempting to piece together pages ripped apart by the commander in chief. Spending his days piecing together the world’s most important government transparency “jigsaw puzzle,” scores the staffer just a little over $65,000 annually.

I can’t decide if we’re getting a bargain, given how frustrating it must be at times, or whether every single dollar of that ought to come out of the salary of the person who knowingly violated the law and ripped up the paper in the first place!

While the Republican leader campaigned on the importance of transparency, his administration and cabinet appointees have taken a different approach. For president himself, old habits die hard. His “process” is an “unofficial filing system” in which he rips papers to pieces when he’s finished with them. Sometimes they make it into the trash, others they are strewn about in the Oval Office.

Evidently it hasn’t even occurred to anyone to walk straight up to the president, say “Hey, jackass, sir – there’s a law about this, and every time you go on one of your “tears,” this poor man misses time away from his family, trying to piece our nation of laws together again, one tear at a time, so wh don’t you stop, or pay him yourself?”

The funny thing? It’s not like the National Archives or the laws regarding preservation of presidential papers are new entities or anything. We’re only hearing about them now, because up until now, presidents, having all attained the age of 35, had not ripped up papers like babies. It is only now, now that we have a 73 yer old baby in office, that we hear about it. It’s the same kid that went over and got in a fight with the neighbors everyone loves across the street ….

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