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In an interview with CNN this morning, Kellyanne Conway doubled down on the White House statement that John Dowd wrote the tweet implicating Trump in a scheme to obstruct justice. Moreover, Conway goes a step further, saying the lawyer drafted it, and sent it to the “Director of Social Media” who is apparently the one empowered to make a statement, under the President’s personal account, using phrasing like “I had to fire”.

I asked this question the day it happened: Who, exactly, is running the country? Who is empowered to speak in the presidential voice with statements of “I” from the President’s personal account?  Now that Conway has said the President was uninvolved, and it went from Attorneys to the Director of Social media, WHO is the Director of Social Media? How was this approved to post without the president signing off on this statement?

This may sound funny, but these are serious questions that need to be answered. Who, exactly, is running the White House?  The president’s twitter feed has been cited in US court cases without this information provided to the court that it was not the presidential voice. The Twitter feed has been made a part of Trump’s policy and Trump has indicated it comes from him more than once

If other parties are pretending to be the President, post information pretending to be him, and do so without presidential authority, this is a defacto coup d’etat. If this is true, and the White House knew that prior tweets did not always come from the president, they should have been obligated to make that case in front of the courts as these issues arose.

While it sounds funny, it is not. If the Twitter feed is assumed to be the voice of the president, but isn’t, could it be used to give unlawful orders? Fool the world? Cause trade, legal, or military ramifications with global partners and allies? 

Conway’s statement this morning is beyond troubling — the public needs to know, post haste, who exactly is the Director of Social Media, and what empowered him to make this decision.

If this is all a cover up, then the public should know that the White House has continued a foolish, wild lie with dangerous consequences toward our democracy.

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