Campaign Finance after Citizens United / YouTube don mcgahn...
Campaign Finance after Citizens United / YouTube

This looks like a “boom!” from Foreign Policy:

The White House turned over records this fall to special counsel Robert Mueller revealing that in the very first days of the Trump presidency, Don McGahn researched federal law dealing both with lying to federal investigators and with violations of the Logan Act, a centuries-old federal law that prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments, according to three people with direct knowledge of the confidential government documents.

The records reflected concerns that McGahn, the White House counsel, had that Michael Flynn, then the president’s national security advisor, had possibly violated either one or both laws at the time, according to two of the sources. The disclosure that these records exist and that they are in the possession of the special counsel could bolster any potential obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump.

The records that McGahn turned over to the special counsel, portions of which were read to this reporter, indicate he researched both statutes and warned Trump about Flynn’s possible violations.

(My bold)…

Did you catch that part at the very end — records show that TRUMP WAS WARNED IN JANUARY that Flynn was up to no good. Not like that’s a huge surprise, considering Trump knew that he himself and Flynn were rotten from the get-go. But this is proof. And Flynn wasn’t fired until Feb. 13th of this year. Obstruction charges can’t be too far off.

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