Nothing like having a mental patient in the White House. Apparently Jarvanka and White House staffers are needing to play rock, paper, scissors and the loser tells Donald that he can’t possibly win this election and he needs to face that fact. In the wee hours Joe Biden began leading in Georgia and around dawn he took the lead in Pennsylvania as well. The way things stack up right now there is no way that Trump can possibly overtake Biden’s leads in not only Georgia and Pennsylvania, but in Nevada and Arizona, with the votes remaining to be counted. Trump has been losing since Tuesday’s early returns but he’s in total denial and raving about how the election is being stolen from him. Be that as it may, it’s time to talk Trump off the ledge — and let’s just hope he’s not out there with the nuclear football.

Trump’s Thursday night freak out show at the White House and the reports that he will not concede the election have raised legitimate concerns about Trump’s refusal to accept election results and contingency plans are being discussed.  Daily Beast:

National security and intelligence officials have for months warned that the most serious disinformation threat to the election was domestic, not foreign. But the fact that officials are contingency planning for President Trump ignoring or fighting back against the final results of the 2020 presidential elections highlights the extent to which his own administration is concerned about his attempts to mislead the country. […]

Certain there were no foreign attacks on the election infrastructure, national security officials focused in the last several days on working closely with social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to clamp down on domestic disinformation. The majority of that disinformation, they said, stemmed from Team Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the vote as tallies trickled in from states such as Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Despite efforts to block misleading Trump content, the president and his team continue to push forward with a campaign aimed at eroding trust not just in the ballot counting and reporting systems but in the entire electoral process. […]

In Nevada on Thursday, Ric Grenell, who briefly succeeded Coats as director of national intelligence, appeared with other Trump campaign officials to announce the filing of a lawsuit. “We believe that there are dead voters that have been counted,” he said, without providing a single piece of evidence to back up his assertion. After allegations of widespread voter fraud, officials in County Clark, Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, said they only found one instance of fraud—a Trump supporter who tried to vote twice.

I love this voting the dead theory. Yeah, Ric, I personally went out into the desert and exhumed all those bodies that Rocco and Vinnie put there — you know how those boys have their own concept of justice, something which the Trumpkins are praying for right now. And I said, “follow me, fellas, we’re going to the polls.” And a horde of us marched across the Mojave, just like the Trojan Wars.

Beyond the lawsuits, Trump and his advisers have launched a massive campaign to challenge the entire electoral system, alleging that it is rigged and set up to favor Democrats. Trump has tweeted phrases throughout the day like “STOP THE FRAUD!” and “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!”

And his son, Donald Trump Jr., followed along, posting on Twitter that there was voter fraud in Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Georgia with the hashtag #stopthesteal. As previously reported by The Daily Beast, a Facebook page titled “Stop the Steal” racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on Wednesday. It included members involved in previous Republican campaigns. Administrators include two Breitbart alumni who participated in a border wall scheme that led to federal charges,

The gory details are always interesting, but the overall thrust of this story is just like everything else that has happened the past four years: our government is being held hostage by a buffoon, surrounded by the worst cabal of crooks and liars ever assembled in any administration. And now the gravy train is coming to a halt and somebody has to try to get some guard rails on Donald Trump. Good luck with that.

We have foreseen that the lame duck period and transition of power are going to be problematic and we’re going to find out exactly what that looks like in the very near future.

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  1. The final outcome, whether Trump concedes or not, is that on January 20, 2021 at noon, by law, his term is finished and whoever wins the election is sworn in. Most of his treats to file law suits are hot air. In most States, the person requesting the recount has to pay the cost of the recount if they lose. Trump is already asking for funds to do this but how many are willing to put up 3-4 millions dollars to do this when the writing is on the wall? I seriously doubt SCOTUS will intervene when there is no evidence of fowl play.

    • I hope there is security around Biden because Trump is that unhinged that I would not put it past him to set up to have Biden killed! WHEN!! is somebody going to stand up to Trump who has broken every rule in the book and put him in a straightjacket , in jail!

      • They already sent more troops up there to keep an eye out. As a Vice President he has a security detail. They just kicked it up this week for that very reason. You got all these clowns walking around with their little toy rifles. Never know when some clown will forget his meds.

    • Its even worse for Donny Darko, He’s howling at Republican Governors who are guaranteeing the certitude of their vote counts and states courts are telling the Trumpaloons tough noogies.

      There simply isn’t any handle here to grab. No process to even get this to the Supreme Court so SCOTUS has nothing to hear, save the sound of Donny squealing like an angry porkchop in a sausage machine.

      Donny’s one last evaporating hope is to muddy the state process so badly it needs to come before a Republican Run Congressional Committee. But even that hope is fading faster than Donny’s bronzer in a hurricane. The states are pretty much ignoring Donald’s howls of horror and they methodically count the vote. With Federal Observers signing off. There simply is no there, there, for Donald to make any claim that occurs as anything but the demented laments of a loser’s loser.

  2. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the WH right now. The scene would be reminiscent of the final days of Hitler when he descended into a deep state of madness.

  3. If the electoral system in the U. S. is so flawed, how come George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump became elected President? Huh huh???!! Both Gore and Clinton had the grace and decency to concede. Gore was defeated by only @540 votes.


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