UPDATE: Report Now Released, A Quid Pro Quo Obvious in the Complaint


News sources have confirmed that the Whistleblower report will be declassified and sent to Congress today. There are also inferences that it will be released to the public. It appears to me that the White House thinks that “release and gaslight” worked sufficiently with the transcript, and they’re going to make a go of it with the complaint.

In my mind, the key bit of information slipping out at this point revolves around the fact that the White House is alleged to have engaged in a series of conduct whereby they “hide” certain embarrassing communications – like the phone call with the Ukrainian president:

If the above is true, then the impeachment inquiry is going to immediately request access to all communications “hidden” on the separate computer system. If that system was created to deal with problematic phone conversations, then there is near no limit on what could be found in that system.

The White House must believe that yesterday went well, in that Senate Republicans and the Trump MAGA heads did not immediately call for Trump to resign. I suppose if that is the measure of something going “well” then it makes sense that they want to ram it all through right now. It also appears to me that Trump is relying upon his “I can shoot someone on 5th Avenue ..” defense.

Nothing matters to Republicans and MAGA-heads.

One other detail to note. A point made on Morning Joe this morning struck me as particularly accurate and disturbing. Having been named as part of the attempt to exploit our national policy for Trump’s political benefit, Attorney General Bill Barr ought to immediately resign out of protest. He should note that the use of his position and name, by Trump, should result in Barr believing he’s been compromised by the president he works for, and should want to take a stand based upon his own honor. This is obvious, now, and I apologize for not having thought of it yesterday. I did note that he must recuse himself, but it is now clear to me that in any “other” context, the Attorney General would want to protect himself, his department, and the rule of law by immediately resigning in protest.


These people believe they are fully above the law. They are going to fight this, shamelessly, gaslighting all the way. It is perfectly fine to do this.

But, it will be harder and harder to defend when someone notes that they moved the call to an entirely separate system. That is a siren wailing that the White House itself knew this could not be defended and took extra steps to ensure that the Congress and public never knew of its existence.


The report is now released. Morning Joe now analyzing report.

The biggest revelation right now is an allegation of obvious quid pro quo. In late May, Trump made clear that Pence would not attend the inauguration of the Ukrainian president, nor take a call from the Ukrainian president until Ukraine showed a willingness to “play ball” on the investigation of Biden.

The immediate result is twofold:

  1. There is clear evidence from many other sources, that a quid pro quo existed. Not that it was needed, but it makes the case that much more damning.
  2. It shows as late as yesterday Trump was still lying about “no quid pro quo.”


Peace, y’all


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David Bishop
David Bishop

My money is on the gaslighters because democrats are like a room full of kittens.

Gail Benda
Gail Benda

Barr is a true failure and a disgrace to the legal profession-he needs to step down and perhaps review the “code of Professional Responsibility” that governs all conduct by lawyers -he has violated multiple sections….

So draining the swamp really means siphoning from one computer server to another, ok..got it. I feel an implosion going on, not just the White House but Faux News too. Hanitty must be demanding a 2nd comfort blanket to cry into by now. More whistle-blowers waiting perhaps ? The vultures are circling the Executive branch at last. (Romney).. Pence must be drafting pardons with blank names until ready. I do hope the GOP have the sense to realize that tRump will not leave without a massive political arson trail in his wake. “you’ll be so sick of winning” That has… Read more »