How did Donald Trump simply blow past an October 1 deadline to sign the sanctions bill, “to issue regulations or other guidance” against Russia and we didn’t notice? Newsweek:

New sanctions resoundingly flew through both chambers of Congress in July, President Donald Trump signed the “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” on August 2. The bill called for fresh sanctions not only on Russia but Iran and North Korea as well.

But the administration missed the October 1 deadline to “issue regulations or other guidance” to indicate who from Russia’s defense and intelligence sectors—like its powerful Federal Security Service—would be targeted by the new sanctions.

The bill did give Trump until early next year to actually impose new sanctions on specific parts of Russia’s economy like finance and energy, according to LawFare.

This may look like just another glaring example of Trump’s complete lack of foreign policy or even basic common sense, but for the fact that Russia is the topic and Trump would hand over the keys to the Pentagon rather than ruffle his handler Vladimir Putin for even a moment.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was asked Sunday on NBC’s Meet The Press why the president had yet to issue sanctions on Russia. Graham admitted the Trump administration had a “blindspot on Russian I still can’t figure out,” and directly called on Trump to take action while showing support, according to Mediaite.

“Mr. President, go after Russia because they’re coming after us,” Graham said, though he added, “I think he’s beginning to understand the threats we face better and better each day.”

We all remember the ludicrous cyber security tweet. Nothing has changed except to get worse.

They must be belly laughing in the Kremlin. They have to be.

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