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A deep dive into hat analysis. The huge ostentatious lettering on Trump’s hat jumped out to me for this story, as seen below:

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The photo was republished from Trump’s golf partner and acolyte Jay Feely’s tweet.

Initially, the tweets in reply were all gushingly positive. They seemed to come from people who were fans of both Jay Feely and Donald Trump. However, once more people read the story about how Trump was playing golf while his brother who it is being reported was called “the nicer Trump” and who he used to bully, was dying (he is now dead) the tweets became decidedly negative:


I couldn’t recall seeing this version of the MAGA hat before. I looked up “Trump wearing hat” on Google images and couldn’t find any.


I did more searching and found this one. It appears to be the same hat

This is similar but not identical to the one available from the White House gift shop for the sale price of $9.99. The site says that it is imported but not where it is made. The hat Trump is wearing has a much larger American flag on the side and the front really does look like a billboard.


Suffice to say that Trump has found a hat with lettering that fits his ego.

Putting on my psychoanalyst hat, I might suggest that Trump has decided to “don” (pun intended) this hat because at some level he is becoming aware that he is going to lose and becoming desperately insecure. The hat positively screams out “look at me, I am great!” After all, for him, the words America and Trump are interchangeable.

An afterthought, not an original one I am certain, is that the actual MAGA message was originally meant to emphasize the word “again”. This meant to his most ardent supporters to return the country to their halcyon days when people of color knew their place and white people, no matter how stupid and ignorant, could feel superior.

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  1. Jay spent the day golfing with the worst human being to ever draw air,and that was the greatest day of his life. Must really suck to be jay

  2. When his brother Fred was dying he and his sister went to the movies. He has no soul, compassion of ability to care or think about anyone but himself.

  3. That shows the limit to his morality, no one is important but him. How can we expect any compation from someone who can’t show affection to his own family ?

  4. Big letters or little letters he’s still a moron. And the hat is made in China. One would suspect one of Ivankas companies that she keeps forgetting to mention. Yeah other day someone showed trumps hat with made in China. And they showed Joe Biden’s hat union made in America. Kinda funny, President of America pushing jobs gets his campaign novelties from China.

  5. Robert was also a shitty person according to Mary’s book, but Donald was the worst one. Freddy was the only one with some part of a soul. Small wonder the poor bastard went first. But Jay you went out to play golf with a dude who wants to fuck his own daughter. You’re gross, dude.


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