Where’s Dr. Strangelove? Somebody Needs To Explain To Trump What Kim Jong Un Is Doing


Take a stroll with me down memory lane.

Trump told the world that Kim agreed to “work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” and that’s nonsense. He claimed, “they’ve already blown up one of their big test sites. In fact, it was four of their test sites.” In fact, Trump was dreaming, but if you want to refresh your recollection of his idiocy, hit the link.

Alas, North Korea has been testing missiles all along, so Trump has walked his statement back and George Conway has an amusing spin.

Yeah, they’ve only tested the “smaller ones” the ones that could reach Hawaii, maybe, but they can’t hit Trump Tower, which is all I give a damn about. So, chill, all you fuss budgets, sheesh.

What Trump doesn’t get, is that Kim has all the bullets he needs, he just needs to test the right guns, to find out which one can deliver them most effectively. And he’s busy doing that, regardless of what he tells the naive neanderthal in the White House.

I think Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize might have suffered another delay this week. What say you?


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I would nominate him for dunce of the decade and send him a bill for a couple of billion saying everything will be seized if its not paid within 30 days.


Well there you have it. Kim’s only firing off “smaller missiles”–problem solved. He also claims he won the “war on Christmas”. A Nobel peace prize should be on the way.