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Leave it to Rick Wilson to use his “colorful” rhetoric to stir up a hornets nest with the Republican fascist cult.  The other night on CNN he let loose on one of his classic attacks on the Republican base.

The comments start at the 6:45 mark.

Of course the snowflakes on the right demonstrated who they are by responding to a hit job on Wilson by the Republican propagandists on FOX.  Wilson in turn was not going to let it go by and served up some tweets this morning.

2/ Obviously, not all Trump supporters are ten-toothed rubes, but I’d bet you a hundred quatloos research would prove all ten-toothed rubes are Trump supporters. But that’s not really the point, is it? The point is that Trump’s base proudly endorses the most lavish cruelty.

3/ They adopt this language and attitude of unearned swagger and strength, of “fuck your feelings” and imitation of Trump’s own cruelty, vulgarity, unjustified chest-thumping. Trumpism isn’t, for the 1000th time, conservatism. It’s a parasitic infection feeding on hatred.

4/ The reaction to my throwaway line was a sign of 2 things; the unbelievable political and status insecurity of the Trump voter. They were offended by the dental comment, but they should have been offended by the “rube” comment. Because *I* didn’t make them rubes.Trump did.

5/ Do you want a participation trophy and a pat on the head from me for your utterly credulous dumbassery over Trump’s endless list of lies, deceptions, scams, venality, and corruption?I thought unearned merit was what you hated about the *left*.

6/ The story of the reaction is also a window into the dumbfuckery of the Trump-right outrage machine. It’s is the perfect mirror image of the dumb language-and-tone policing of the worst cliches of the social justice crowd. It’s failbot Alinsky for dumbasses.

7/ I’m not going to coddle and cosset people who are proud of being conned, or who embrace cruelty as governance.I was told the new order was all about “fuck your feelings” but apparently MAGA feefees are so delicate a bald dude with big ears and glasses can trigger you.

8/ Social and status insecurity is the key underpinning of racially inflected nationalism that Trump and Russia (but I repeat myself) weaponized. You don’t like someone who pokes it? You don’t like someone who calls your shit? I am not your safe space.

Damn!  Some of these Never Trumpers aren’t afraid to lay it on thick.

I will take issue with one comment of his, “Because *I* didn’t make them rubes.Trump did.” 

The Republican party didn’t experience a massive increase in membership during the 2016 campaign because millions of people joined the party and became the rube 10-tooth base, in fact it barely increased in membership at all.  No.  The 10-tooth base wasn’t born into the Republican party, and they weren’t held hostage and forced to become Republicans as a condition of their release.  They’ve been there a long time because something about Republicans became very appealing to them.  For decades now, the rube 10-tooth base found comfort in almost every Republican campaign that was run on lies, hate, and fear.

The cult that was raised on FOX and the rest of the right wing propaganda machine, that learned to fear Vietnam heroes Max Clealand and John Kerry as a traitors, and will support an army of traitors attacking our democracy now, was built over time.  Their hatred of all Democrats, even at the cost of their own well being, didn’t start with Trump.  The Republican cult that some might refer to as the “rube 10-tooth base” was there when never Trumpers were the Republican elite.


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