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When it comes to Michael Flynn, it feels kind of like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and seeing all of the presents under the tree. But remember, there was a pecking order to Christmas morning. You started with the small presents, and saved the big box with the brightest paper and the biggest bow for last. I think that’s exactly what we’re about to see in the Flynn Trump-Russia Christmas morning.

The normal legal axiom is that when you “flip” someone, you only deal if they can give you a more culpable even size or bigger fish, otherwise, why throw back the one you’ve got in the creel?  But remember the plumbers creed, “Shit flows downhill.” And if you’re looking to hook a bigger fish, you don’t mind using the little fish as chum.

It is going to take time for Mueller to get to Kushner, Trump Jr, and the Orange Freddie Krueger at the top. Mueller probably already knows most of what Flynn has to offer him. But there will be a series of long, in depth interviews to scrape every last barnacle off of Flynn’s hull, and then the ardous task of corroborating what he tells them with independent evidence to warrant an indictment on the big boys. But think of this, did Flynn deal exclusively with Manafort, Trump, Donnie Redux and Kushner? Of course not. And just because the others are smaller don’t mean that they’re not culpable, and those cases will be easier to corroborate and prove.

I think that is what we are about to see here in the coming weeks and months. It has already been reported that Jared (scarecrow in a $4,000 suit) Kushner was the “unnamed adviser” who gave Flynn the go ahead to negotiate with the Russians that weekend in Mar-A-Lago. Who else was there? Hope Hicks? She was with Trump almost constantly. Did she agree with Kushner and say so? How about Steve Bannon? Reince Priebus? If any of them were there, and voiced assent with the idea, and Flynn can assert so, then they are all co-comspirators in a violation of the Logan Act. That would be legerage for Mueller to use when interviewing the, to provide corroboration to Flynn’s testimony.

And the hits just keep coming. What did KT McFarland actually tell Trump when she was forwarding information from Flynn that weekend in Mar-A-Lago. Peter Smith claimed before he died that he was working with Flynn on trying to get some dirt on Hillary from the Russians. What about Roger Stone? He bragged about his connections to Julian Assange, was he coordinating with Flynn, and was he authorized to offer the Russians or Assange any kind of payback for the dirt? That wet noodle Carter Page went to Moscow, and chatted with Russians. Did Flynn five him specific instructions on what to say, and does anything he said fall under the umbrella of conspiracy, or violating the Logan Act?

I saw it reported yesterday that Mike Flynn had already rolled over Rudy Giuliani. Please, their lips to Gods ear. Seeing Giuliani perp walked out of his house would rank right up there with watching Jonatahn Toews raise the Stanley Cup, or the Cubs storming the field in Cleveland for me. I would soooo love to see the smirk wiped off of that arrogant, sleazy puss.

As I’ve said before, patience grasshopper. It may be a while yet before we get to the top dogs in this scandal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be starved for entertainment. Everybody knows that if you want to get rid of dandelions, you have to get all of the roots. And one nice thing about flipping on the minnows, they’re most likely to go all the way down, and hard, they likely have noting much to offer to get a deal, or they would have already been swept up.

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