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Every time you start to think that the people we ended up stuck with to serve and protect us can’t get any stupider, they pop their heads up like groundhogs and prove you wrong again.You can almost understand it coming from Trump Flappidy and the Sundown Kids, but when it comes to career politicians, it does tend to boggle the mind.

When the excerpts of the new Trump book, featurjng an untold number of caustic quotes from the Salvation Army castaway clothes horse Steve Bannon, he couldn’t contain himself. He posted a short video of himself, the camera slowly creeping closer, as a Mr Grinch smile slides across his face. That video should be rated R to protect young children from being emotionally scarred for life. But the national juvenile psyche issues notwithstanding, Mitch McConnell has no reason to be smiling.

Mitch McConnell and Steve Bannon get along together about as well as Donald Trump and anybody with an IQ above the freezing temperature mark, they’re totally incompatible. Bannon has been giving McConnell terminal indigestion lately, by threatening to run far right candidates against GOP incumbents in 2018, Roy Moore was just the tip of that spear. Apparently Mitch McConnell made the calculation that with his comments, Bannon had poisoned the well with die hard Trump supporters, making him weaker as a conduit for far right candidates in the 2018 primaries. Mitch McConnell has clearly lost his mind.

I can’t believe I even have to explain this to Yertl the Turtle, but maybe I can make the connect-the-dots so simple that even he can see the image. We all know as clear as day that Donald Trump is not representing all Americans, nor even attempting to, he is pandering to a 35% rabid base of mouth breathers and bed wetters. Doesn’t McConnell realize that Bannon has his own faithful base that he’s playing to and for?

Steve Bannon’s base are neo Nazis, various haters of all stripes, and every yahoo out there with a bunch of empty Buckhorn cans rolling around in the bed of their pickups. Many of them are Trump supporters, and for a damn good reason. Because Steve Bannon told them to be Trump supporters. They were Bannon acolytes long before Bannon turned them on to the Day Glo Nightmare. If it comes down to a pissing contest between Bannon and Trump with these pinheads, even Irish bookmakers wouldn’t quote you odds on Trump. And if McConnell thought that the candidates Bannon would come up with would be obnoxious when they were only pointed at him, how about when Bannon doesn’t just want to punish McConnell, he wants to make Trump’s life a living hell too? Bannon will find candidates that show up at rallies with white pillowcases over their heads with two eye holes cut into them.

But McConnell’s problem is worse than just foaming lunatic primary challengers. Virginia and Alabama showed in panoramic technicolor that the GOP is going to have one helluva time in 2018 in getting Trump supporters to the polls when the Tangerine Toddler is not topping the ticket. And with congress set to accomplish next to nothing with the midterms coming up, and the possibility of a loss of face if the DACA recipients get s deal that doesn’t include funding for the wall, it could even get worse. Now, what happens if a bunch of Bannonistas get shellacked by McConnell incumbents, and Bannon calls for a Breitbart boycott of the 2018 election? Not only could it be the kiss of death in Arizona and Nevada, but it could seriously put states like Tennessee and and Texas in play, as well as making Democrats like Heitkamp, Manchin  and Donnelly breathe a lot easier. And if Trump and Bannon supporters don’t show up, not only does that doom the GOP House in 2018, it will also spell the fall of many red state legislatures and statehouses. 

So, I’m a Democrat, and as such I’m hoping like hell that all of this plays out just as I’ve written it here. But if brain eating parasites got into my ear from dirty lake water, and I suddenly became a Republican, I’d still be wondering what in the hell Mitch McConnell is smiling about. Maybe Trump shouldn’t be the only one they should be thinking of pulling the 25th amendment plug on, sure looks like McConnell could use a good old fashioned intervention too, the man is delusional.

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