When A Snowball Becomes An Avalanche

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As I mentioned in an earlier article,Mitch McConnell isn’t just any asshole, he’s a reigning asshole. But he’s also a very sneaky, deliberate, thoughtful asshole, when he puts one foot down, he already knows full well where the next one is going.

Which is why it’s so unusual to watch him stumble like this. I don’t know if it’s because he’s angry and frustrated at Nancy Pelosi for holding on to the articles of impeachment for so long, and now he’s flustered, or if it’s because of back pressure he’s getting from his own caucus, or whether it’s His Lowness, putting his foot down, McConnell’s throat most likely. But there are little things that McConnell normally works through better, and they’re starting to snowball on him, and this could get interesting real quick.

For instance. Everybody squawked like a gaggle of geese when a kid runs through them when McConnell proposed giving each side 24 hours to present their cases, but in two, twelve hour day increments. A lot of people thought that that was just general dickishmess from McConnell, but there was a master plan there. Under the original schedule, the Democrats would present on Wednesday and Thursday, with the President’s team going on Friday and Saturday, and, oh look! There’s Sunday, with a whole mornings worth of talking head shows, and the President’s flacks ready to fill them with their Friday and Saturday talking points. But with the change, The Democrats go Wednesday through Friday, with Trump’s shyster’s going Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, which screws up their talking points for Sunday six ways from said day.

This should have been the easiest thing in the world to fix. Once McConnell saw the conflict, all he had to do was to set the schedule to end on Friday this week, giving rump’s lawyers a clean sweep next week, since they couldn’t manipulate the Sunday show circuit anymore. Bur Moscow Mitch is a man with too many flies buzzing around his ears these days, and now that the schedule is set, he’d have a hard time changing it, even his own caucus would have trouble going along with such a blatant cheat.

Which ties into the next snowball gaining size, which is Trump’s defense. They were already starting off with a disadvantage, all being refugees from the Michael Cohen School of Law, and now McConnell’s bumble will have them starting their three day presentation on Saturday, when nobody is watching. And oh, yeah, about that three day thing?

There is absolutely no way that Trump’s band of boobies can possibly go the distance. For Gods sake, they couldn’t even manage to stagger across the finish line with the time they had yesterday, they gave gobs of it back to the bank! Fuck Green Eggs And Ham, these ass gaskets would have to read the entire Dr. Seuss library, in multiple languages to fill up that kind of time. But fill that time they must. Because if the Democrats are going to spend three days cuffing Trump around like a tether ball, Trump is going to want his three days in response. And he’ll be back from Davos my Monday, with nothing better to do than cop some screen.

Which brings us to the most serious problem for McConnell, witnesses and documents. McConnell has a real problem with witnesses. Trump wants this trial over with before his SOTU, and by delaying the vote on witnesses, McConnell just screwed himself out of the week he desperately needed. To call a witness will mean finding them, lawyering them up, getting them to Washington and deposing them, all of which takes time. If McConnell had let the vote go forward yesterday, they could have issued subpoenas today, and used this week of arguments to depose witnesses. But that’s gone now.

And he may have a bigger problem with witnesses. Mainly that there may be a whole bunch more Republicans that want to see and hear from them. This is really funny, because it just might turn out to be a case of the biter being bitten. Because FOX News might have been just a wee too effective.

There were rumblings going on around the Hill after today’s proceedings that there were quite a few moderate, sane GP{ Senators who put too much faith in FOX News. The more the FUX anchors screamed totally partisan bullshit witch hunt! the more those moderates tuned out. They ignored the hearings, the testimony, and all the rest of it, thinking they’d deal with it quickly when it for to the Senate. And now, here they are, chained to their desks for eight hours a day with no distractions, listening to the Democratic case managers lay out this compelling case against Trump,and  they’re asking themselves, What the fuck?!? Where’s all of the partisan bullshit? He really did this shit? One Hill reporter, I believe it was on CNN, said that according to what he was hearing, there may well be far in excess of 5 GOP Senators who vote with Democrats in favor of witnesses.

These little stews, ya know? You got these little stews sitting around in all of those little pots, and you gotta keep stirring those little stews when they come to a boil. And now it’s starting to look like Mitch McConnell might be getting ready to burn the kitchen down. I know we’re a long way in the middle of nowhere on this thing, but I keep thinking about Nixon. When the House hearings began on Watergate, Nixon’s removal by the Senate was a pipe dream, no way it was going to happen, and the public support for impeachment wasn’t there either. and let’s not forget, Nixon’s defense was the same as Trump’s is today, It’s legal because the President did it. That makes it legal. But then came the smoking gun tape, and suddenly a whole lot of people were paying attention, and the wheels fell off of the camper. Looks like I’ve got some Senators to keep an eye on.

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Trump collapsing at the podium at his SOTU would be fantastic.


I see one thing go way, way, left for the cult, I’m going to pass out! Looking forward to it!!!