WhatsApp Jared? AOC and Hillary Exchange Tweets. Delicious.


AOC and Hillary exchange tweets about Kushner’s (and just about everyone in the trump cabal) use of WhatsApp and private email for doing clandestine business from the White House. The hypocrisy (and criminality?) of the trump family and the GOP is on full display, as they trample ever norm and protocol of the U.S. government, while demonizing everyone who gets in their way.

Let’s look at some of the responses, laugh and keep reminding people of how utterly corrupt, unaccountable and incompetent trump and the GOP are.

Humor aside, this is serious business and we need to keep hammering away to win the White House in 2020.

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Michael owens
Michael owens

How much longer is this criminal family, going to be allowed to rape n pillage the USA…????


As long as there’s a compliant GOP majority in the Senate, Supreme Court, judiciary etc….a very long time, sadly.