When you’re the Republicans and are trying to really hard to convince America to give you another shot at being in power, it would be a very good idea to stay far away from anything Russia. Particularly right now.



Or how about misattributing a quote to Abraham Lincoln that actually came from an 1980s Lehman Brothers TV ad? You remember them—the massive financial services firm that went bankrupt in the 2008 financial crisis. How much more perfect does it get than that? So much more.

Like in that same promo video with the Russian oil rig, where the narrator says, “We salute those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedoms,” and they show footage from World War II.

Screenshot from House GOP video "Preamble" showing sailors celebrating end of WWII.

The war where America defeated the Nazis.

Picture of trump rally, with attendees giving what can only be characterized as a Nazi salute


This part is good, too. From the “Future that’s built on freedom” part of the platform where they shout, “U.S. life expectancy has decreased for two straight years, representing the biggest drop since 1943.” Gosh, why would life expectancy have fallen in the U.S. during a global pandemic?

It’s also nice that they put the health care portion, such as it is, of their plan in the “Future built on freedom” part when in the future, they plan on a national abortion ban. 

The fun just doesn’t end. Here’s the setting for McCarthy’s video introducing the plan. That’s a lot of white bread.

Kevin McCarthy in a fake grocery store.

And here’s where he talks about the devastating effects of Joe Biden’s economy.

Screenshot from news story of empty grocery store shelves.

You really couldn’t make this more ridiculous than it already is. Thanks for the laugh, Kev. But, damn, these people can’t get control of the House back.

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