What’s In A Name? Lindsey Graham Rechristens Trump’s Wall ‘Metaphor’


With apologies to T.S. Eliot:

“The naming of walls is a difficult matter,

It’s isn’t just one of your political games,

You will think me mad as Trump on the crapper,

When I tell you a wall needs at least three different names.

First of all, there’s the name that Trump dreamt up at first,

“Big Beautiful Wall” from the Mexicans’ purse,

Then “artistically designed slats” was his next elocution,

But “beaded curtain” was Ms. Nancy’s fine solution.

A delusion like Trump’s needs a name that’s much more,

A word that is up from a ledge or a door,

A word that describes this fantastical chore,

So came St. Lindsey Graham to dub it — “Metaphor.”

Yes, friends, Metaphor is Lindsey Graham’s newest footnote in political history.  He seems to be on one of his pro-Trump, perhaps Prozac mood swings, because it has been duly noted for some time that Senator Graham demonstrates a peculiar bi-polarity when it comes to Donald Trump. Graham loudly declaimed that “there’d be hell to pay” if Trump bopped Sessions. Then they went golfing and Graham sweetly mewed that Trump deserved an attorney general that he could get along with. Then Graham disapproved of the withdrawal of troops from Syria, which he called “a disaster in the making” but now, the pendulum is back and it’s pro-Trump, and Trump’s Metaphor. I can hear the chants now. Build that Metaphor! Build that Metaphor! And whooooos gonna pay for the Metaphor? Mexico!!!

Corrupt government and following Trump off a cliff — sounds like Lindsey Graham is the new Devin Nunes, Lapdog in Chief.

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