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Yeah, yeah, I get it. The gang of four (Murkowski, Collins, Flake and Manchin) are all evil shit stains who are sipping wine and laughing at how they duped us and woe is us all is lost we are fu*ked we are fu*ked to Saturn and back again.

And yet…

I listened to the Senate GOP Presser on the radio this afternoon and wasn’t exactly cowed by the huge amount of gloat contained there-in, as a matter of fact I heard some feeble old farts still soft shoeing and selling hard.

And I’m not the only one who heard it this way….

And I listened to Hannity after that and he’s not near as confident as some here are, if it was a done deal he’d definitely be yukking  it up.

But I know, I know, we are probably fu*ked anyway, and I’m O.K. with being wrong, that happens a lot….

But I won’t quit til it’s done.

More hope from that Angry Staffer:

Go, Lady Huskers!

Guys that are in don’t write apologies.

Until the gang of four weigh in, I’ll hold out hope.

They rained on Mitch’s party last week, maybe they have a little precip in them

Murkowski owes the GOP nothin’. Collins could dot Angus King’s I in Maine. Flake might remember Trump calling him a snowflake. And Manchin’s daughter might talk some sense into him….

That’s all I got. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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