As I have stated before, I used to be in love with Harry Chapin.. a legend with too many hits to name (NOTE: By hits I mean great songs), who passed too soon. Here is a story of his passing at the age of 38.

The good thing about stories in songs is that they can be of any genre, country, rap, rock, etc. They can be long (Alice’s Restaurant, anyone?) or short.

But for me no one could tell a song like the late, great Harry Chapin. Many are familiar with Cats in the Cradle, a great song that tells a story of family love stated and unstated, but my favorite song of his that actually tells a story is broken down into two songs: Taxi and Sequel.

If you have never heard Sequel, the follow-up to Taxi, please please watch the video below.

Even now, after hearing the song as many times as I have, I still hang on every word. His voice and just feelings that he gives off make this combo a must hear.

What about you? Need a jump start on the topic? Here is a list of some great songs that tell a story.

Before I close, though…

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