What is wrong with this president? Fox News anchors and guests finally get it right

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Have you ever wondered what Fox News might sound like if they were truly covering this president, not just carrying his tainted water? Now This has released a super cut of actual commentary from Fox News hosts and guests and quite simply, you have to hear this.  All of it. Every bit of commentary in this clip is so deadly, hilariously, frustratingly accurate … about Donald Trump.

Looking back, isn’t it shameful how they covered President Obama? We can laugh about the absurdity of their statements now, but the truth is, until Fox News stops acting as a wing of the Republican party, a full and equal partner in their agenda, this country can never be healed, never be fully united.

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John R. Frain
John R. Frain

If you close your eyes,you would swear they were talking about AGOLF TWITLER.It’s uncanny. 😛

Michael owens
Michael owens

Murdoch was always running a criminal business from his earliest days as a media mogul here and England