After a failing to push through the often promised Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation, you would think that the President might buckle down and get hard to work on his next initiative. That is what an business-minded entrepreneur does when faced with failure. Learn from it, roll up your sleeves, and get back to work.

Trump was elected because the minority of the popular voter thought that his business background would bring a get-things-done attitude and abilities to the White House. However, it is pretty clear that Trump is not the hard-working entrepreneur business type, but the old-boys-club business type.

Instead of doubling down on his efforts, Trump is taking time off to play golf. Again. For the 12th time since he became President.

The average American can only dream about being able to take 12 mini-vacations in two months, escaping the cold weather of the winter months to spend every weekend in Florida. Of course, Trump has the average American to thank for his good fortune. It is estimated that each one of his trips costs the taxpayer $3 million.

And what about his White House staff? They have criticized Obama’s golf trips in the past:n

I am willing to bet that Trump’s staff aren’t taking a mini-vacation this weekend. And given that they are on the record saying Presidential golf trips are a bad idea, I wonder how they feel about their boss right now. This is not the kind of leadership America needs.

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