Salon has a story up about how Hillary was right. Even then there’s the caveat —

Whatever you think of her as a person and a public figure, Clinton clearly perceived that Trumpism would be a disaster for American democracy and the world, pushing the United States towards the brink of full-on fascism including an attempted coup. Clinton’s campaign strategy against Trump had numerous evident flaws, but her diagnosis of Trump and his movement’ was overwhelmingly correct.

I’m reading all the glowing tributes to Bob Dole, none of them start with “Whatever you think of him as a person and a public figure.”

What did she do, exactly, to be referred to in this manner? 

More broadly, why do we always cave to Republicans on our opinion of our leaders? 

Link is here —…

We gave up our right to abortion because she was so terrible. We elected Donald Trump as president because she was so bad. What was it about her, exactly, that made us do that?

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