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Many of us at this site assume that there was some sort of quid pro quo reached when Justice Anthony Kennedy bartered his SCOTUS seat away to Trump. Whatever deal was allegedly struck, it now appears that it is likely that something has gone awry between quid and quo, as evidenced by this snippet of video taken after the swearing in of Kavanaugh.

Whatever was said, Kennedy stops dead in his tracks and resorts to wagging a judicial prime digit at Trump before he is led away to learn in private what the nature of Trump’s renege is….

Any lip readers out there?

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  1. “Thanks for resigning, sucka’, here’s yer 10 karat gold plated *resident Trump Logo Timex. Hope you have a very beautiful retirement.” No doubt, Kennedy held some unrealistic expectaions about deals made with tRump or the Devil.

    • Trump is heavily indebted to the German Bank where Kennedy’s son works. I don’t know if he was involved in the loan negotiatuons, but if Trump defaults, someone’s head will roll.


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