To be sure, no one is more under the gun in the impeachment proceedings than Trump. But there certainly are others who have some serious concerns going forward. One person who must feel exponentially more pressure tonight than just yesterday would be Mike Pompeo. Pompeo is one of the smart ones, who has sold his soul to Trump, and knows much more than most that the walls are closing in.

Pompeo had enough problems with the revelations that an entire black-ops diplomacy effort operated within his jurisdiction, but outside his department and run by Rudy Giuliani. The fact that this Alt-State Department now looks like it put Ambassador Yovanovitch at risk – and that is the least of the possibilities at this point – Pompeo must now face his responsibilities as the chief United States diplomat, and cabinet secretary charged with overseeing all ambassadors.

Joe Lockhart, late of the Clinton administration, addressed just how difficult Pompeo’s life is about to get:

I was struck this morning given my experience in government — the people that we had doing special diplomacy were people like George Mitchell, you know, Tom Foley went out and did some things — the former speaker of the House. Richard Holbrook.”

“Not Lev Parnas?” Camerota prompted.

“Not two-bit criminals who are either mob figures or trying to act like mob figures,” Lockhart replied. “It’s unconscionable that [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo allowed this to go on. You have to believe at some point he read into all of the stuff and he allowed it.”

I am not sure about “read into all of the stuff,” as I am not sure that Trump knew of all this stuff, and if we know anything about Trump, none of it was put to paper to read. The point remains, however, that at some point Pompeo knew, and didn’t lose his sh*t in defending his ambassador half-way across the world.

Bad enough that he allowed the “alt-diplomacy” go on.

We know that someone in the State Department knew that Marie Yovanovitch was in danger. Someone called her to say under no vague terms: “Get the fck out of the country, not tomorrow, on the next plane. You are in danger.”

Or terms to that effect.

If someone at the State Department knew enough to call Ambassador Yovanovitch, Pompeo cannot deny he had no information about it. He knew by that point that something extended far beyond his control. Keep in mind, Yovanovitch was fired and told to get out, long before this all became a thing. It would certainly put Pompeo on notice that Ukraine was the center of a controversy.

It appears to me that Trump has “some things” he must go through, and may or may not survive. Of this we can be sure, no chance does Trump without Pompeo also going down. They are linked, with their fates intertwined.

Pompeo is going to have to answer some hard questions. He may even get called to testify – depending on the scope of the trial. But whether it be at trial, or in the congressional hearings sure to come paralleling the scandal, Pompeo is going to have to answer the age-old question, what did he know and when did he know it.

He best start preparing some answers now.


Peace, y’all

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  1. This is what you get when you allow a Thug to run the Country, with his Minions surrounding him, that are complicit in all his crimes. Shame on US if we allow this to happen to our Democracy.


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