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When Donald Trump moves his water bottle, Vice President Mike Pence moves his water bottle. When Trump says the midterms were nearly “a complete victory,” Pence also sees “a great win for our side.”

“We were very encouraged by the results. We thought Tuesday’s midterm elections were a great win for our side making history in the senate, electing some great governors around the country,” he told NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard in an interview during an overseas trip to Singapore.

But the thing that really sets Pence’s absurd musings apart is that more than a week of election results have poured in since Trump tried to sell his sham narrative to the nation the day after the election.

There’s no doubt now that Democrats trounced Republicans in the House while the GOP will be lucky to net even two seats in the Senate. More specifically, the blue-ish Midwestern states that delivered the presidency to Trump swung back hard for Democrats. And at the state level, Democrats flipped at least seven governorships, six state legislative chambers, and 300-plus state legislative seats.

Trump’s been sulking ever since, retreating from public view as it became crystal clear that voters last week pointedly rejected him and the GOP agenda nationwide. But not sunny Mike Pence. His willful ignorance persists more than a week out.

“We didn’t really see that blue wave in the House of Representatives come our way,” he told NBC. Good god, some 40 of the GOP’s House seats got washed away in the blue wave Pence “didn’t really see.”

Here’s to hoping Republicans are equally as successful in 2020.

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