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Old-time journalists used to call it “being Bigfooted” — today we just call it “more Trump Chaos”.  When your opposition can make hay from the Headlines casting you as ‘the Villain’ in a negative light, the only ‘civilized’ option is to eat “humble crow” and apologize — THAT or else come up with Bigger HEADLINES, that will push the Negative News over the ‘current events’ horizon.

Trump has not been having a good week, nor a good month, nor a good year. Bottom-line Trump has not been having a ‘good presidency’.  Yet Trump knows how to work the Press, at those times he needs most. He just shocks the hell out of everyone, by being even more outlandish and even more unconventional than the last time he needed such a Distraction.

And by so doing, many people forget the Negative Headlines that clearly shows Trump’s corrupt character. Worse yet, some people never get around to understanding that Trump Negative News in the first place.

Headlines like: 

Lieu: Trump is ‘essentially an unindicted co-conspirator’ in Cohen case

Trump Foundation Will Dissolve, Accused of ‘Shocking Pattern of Illegality’

The same guy that Trump just defended, and wished well the previous day.  The same guy that Judge went on to implicate as Treasonous, for his “disgusting acts” of betrayal against our country.

Those Negative Headlines had to set off ALARM bells, in Trump’s reptilian brain. After recovering from the Shock of it all, the cornered Billionaire leaped into action.  Ending the Syrian War on a whim.  Shutting down the Government on a dare. Shocking the Stock-market into free fall, with his Fed threats and his Tariff cluelessness.

And Presto-changeo!

No one is talking about those other damaging Trump Headlines anymore.  GoneAll distant memories.  Each a disaster in waiting, that got pushed off to some distant future date uncertain.  Such is the skill of the badger.  Snarl and charge, and nip at people heels enough, and they’ll soon forget that it just stole 3 of their chickens.  As they scurry off to go research badger-repellent on the internet.  Before the Mad creature can strike again.

It’s a dangerous game, as the stakes keep getting higher and higher — each time the “Master of Distraction” is forced to break something else, newsworthy.

Don’t mess with the Badger folks, if you know what’s good for you  … (So barks the Badger.)
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