WH Meltdown. Peter Navarro Fights w/Anthony Fauci Over COVID-19 Cure ‘That’s Science Not Anecdotal’


Donald Trump has a number of people around him, who regardless of their actual job title, are actually all around stooges for his whim of the moment. One of them is Peter “There’s a place in Hell for Justin Trudeau” Navarro. Up until this weekend, Navarro’s best claim to the Darwin Award was the crack about Trudeau. But all that’s changed, after an epic battle at the White House Saturday over whether the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which Trump believes could be a “game-changer” has in fact been proven to work or if it needs more study. On that point, Navarro and Fauci clashed and Mike Pence had to jump in. Axios:

  • Then Navarro got up. He brought over a stack of folders and dropped them on the table. People started passing them around.

  • “And the first words out of his mouth are that the studies that he’s seen, I believe they’re mostly overseas, show ‘clear therapeutic efficacy,'” said a source familiar with the conversation. “Those are the exact words out of his mouth.”

Navarro’s comments set off a heated exchange about how the Trump administration and the president ought to talk about the malaria drug, which Fauci and other public health officials stress is unproven to combat COVID-19.

  • Fauci pushed back against Navarro, saying that there was only anecdotal evidence that hydroxychloroquine works against the coronavirus.

  • Researchers have said studies out of France and China are inadequate because they did not include control groups.

  • Fauci and others have said much more data is needed to prove that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the coronavirus. […]

Well, Sir, as you might expect, them’s fightin’ words and so Navarro became incensed, in the way that only the intellectually dwarfed can do. [See, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump for convenient reference.]

  • Navarro said to Fauci, “That’s science, not anecdote,” said another of the sources.

Navarro started raising his voice, and at one point accused Fauci of objecting to Trump’s travel restrictions…

  • Fauci looked confused, according to a source in the room. After Trump imposed the travel restrictions, Fauci has publicly praised the president’s restriction on travel from China.

  • Pence was trying to moderate the heated discussion. “It was pretty clear that everyone was just trying to get Peter to sit down and stop being so confrontational,” said one of the sources.

  • Eventually, Kushner turned to Navarro and said, “Peter, take yes for an answer,” because most everyone agreed, by that time, it was important to surge the supply of the drug to hot zones.

Eventually it was agreed that the administration’s public stance would be that the decision to use the drug would be left up to individual doctors and patients. Trump then announced that he had 29 million doses of the drug in the Strategic National Stockpile. That would be happy news indeed if the drug actually worked.

But Trump doesn’t care if it works or not. What he is trying to do is engineer a situation where he can claim that the coronavirus pandemic is solved and he did it. He has to come up with a way to achieve that. Newt Gingrich made the comment last month that if Trump “handles the coronavirus well and restarts the economy, he gets reelected. If he doesn’t, then probably not.” So that is the driving force behind any effort being made by this bumbling mis-administration, getting Trump reelected, not saving American lives. That’s why the frantic, 24/7 attention to the topic, no other reason.

Here’s a final note:

Between the lines: “There has never been a confrontation in the task force meetings like the one yesterday,” said a source familiar with the argument. “People speak up and there’s robust debate, but there’s never been a confrontation. Yesterday was the first confrontation.”

  • In response to a request for comment on Axios’ reporting, Katie Miller, a spokesperson for the vice president, said: “We don’t comment on meetings in the Situation Room.”

No, don’t tell Americans what’s going on in their democratically elected government, oh hell no. That’s top secret. What King Donald wants to do is his business. He has the “absolute right” to do “anything I want.” Just ask him.


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If there’s one thing trump hates, it’s fronting the hard questions of the press gallery. (Which is why they’re so rare normally) What he hates even worse is losing the narrative they’re trying to pull off, that things aren’t as bad as they seem or projecting some end to all this soon..”Maybe April”..
If Dr Fauci wasn’t accompanied by the orange paranoid in chief, we might get too many true facts & that’s not good for stealing another election is it. Stay safe