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Alas!  Mueller’s dragnet draws near the vile, elusive Orange Squid. Its slow, deliberate scooping along the dark muck has kicked up a swarm of GOP squirming in a slimy trail of lies and secrets they can no longer bury 20,000 fathoms beneath the swamp.

Cohen and Flynn continue to fly-fish around for suitable life preservers.  Cohen admitted he lied to Congress about real estate deals between Trump and Moscow.  The truth is Trump lied to America when he claimed he had no business relationships with Russia during the campaign.  He did.  He even offered a 50 million dollar penthouse suite to Vladimir Putin himself.  Micheal Flynn’s cooperation with Mueller includes “covert” evidence aka – he possibly wore a wire or made recordings of criminal activities involving Trump’s campaign circle.

Manafort chose Pence.  Pence recruited Flynn.  It’s all too coincidental how they align in single file so snug this week, like the tops of cattails bumping neighboring cattails in the gentle wind of late summer, braced in thick sludge.

Mike Pence led the transition team.  Flynn served on the transition team with Pence. Pence lied about Flynn’s rendezvous in Russia.  Did Pence know about it?  Do others in the GOP know that Pence knew about Flynn?

My best guess:

Mueller now knows everything Pence said or did related to Russia in the presence of the man who texted “good to go” (during the inauguration on the topic of Russia building nuclear power plants in the Middle East, while telling a colleague sanctions would be lifted).

Pence hired this man.  Pence, a verified swamp creature, can be subpeonaed before a grand jury finally on December 14th, no matter how many times the putz sputters and stammers about executive privilege or retweets his allegiance to Q-Anon, looking for MAGA base sympathy.

Furthermore, Mueller sits on a volcano of transition emails.  This should particularly concern liar, liar, Pence on fire.

Make no mistake.  The risk of losing the Executive Branch to the Mueller probe – it must have crossed somebody’s mind.  Their criminal activity triggered Paul Ryan to shush GOP comrades, urging them to keep conspiracy with Russia in the family.  It has Fox News doubling down on denial and damage control, almost as if this crisis extends beyond one sole elected official. Rupert Murdoch himself recently visited Mitch McConnell, fresh off the realization that Pelosi will be reuniting with her gavel.

And don’t forget about the prospect of Russia laundering money through NRA to RNC, reaching numerous GOP candidates locked in close battles in swing states.

Also remember Russian spy, Maria Butina is the  first to ask Trump about lifting sanctions on Russia back in 2015, which brings us back to Flynn and his discussions with the Russian ambassador.

The threat of a Democratic House Majority Leader is more real now than ever.  Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi just arrived on shore with surf board in hand, in the wake of the great blue tsunami.

Red tide is rolling over in their own industrial waste.

After Michael Cohen’s surprise plea agreement last week and Robert Mueller’s latest disclosure that Michael Flynn sat for 19 interviews with the special counsel’s office, the West Wing walls can feel like they’re closing in. “They’re freaking out,” a former White House official

So now the turdbowl of White House insiders are floating the idea of ousting Pence for political reasons, asserting Pence is bad for Trump “politically”, urging Trump to drop Pence.

On Monday, Trump hosted a 2020 strategy meeting with a group of advisers. Among the topics discussed was whether Mike Pence should remain on the ticket

My guess is, it would be bad if Pence goes down with Trump, and President Pelosi moves into the White House.

Then everyone will be out of a job.

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