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If you’re wondering who “the senior White House official” is who broke the story earlier about Mayor Cruz being “too busy with TV” for a photo op with Trump and Melania this coming Tuesday, the culprit is White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino. CNN released these tweets a short while ago:

Meantime, Donald Trump in his most prolonged twitter meltdown to date, apparently thinks Hurricane Maria was an epic movie and the rescue efforts are an awards show. That’s how he sounds:

This is just an opinion, but I believe that Scavino is running Trump’s twitter feed. I believe this because there is a similarity in how the theme of gratitude was handled with the NFL issue, in the tweet above, and the same theme recurs with respect to Puerto Rico not being adequately grateful as well. Trump’s out playing golf, is my bet, and Scavino is digging him a sand pit he’s not going to be able to crawl out of. Good.

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