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We are simply at the moment where the accumulated stories of disrespect all get to be compared with the opposing candidate and his party.

…Except for the likely instant intervention of the Secret Service, I don’t know how John Kelly didn’t flatten the vulgar talking yam right there at Arlington. But John Kelly didn’t do that. In fact he stayed with the administration*, eventually taking a promotion from Secretary of Homeland Security to White House chief-of-staff. Kelly became the face of cruel and stupid immigration policies at the country’s southern border, defended the president* when the latter made similarly insensitive remarks to a Gold Star widow in Florida and then called Rep. Fredrica Wilson “an empty barrel” when she called the president* out for it, spoke warmly of Robert E. Lee and the armies of the Confederate States of America, and ultimately left the administration* to take a job with a firm that runs the largest detention facility in which “unaccompanied” migrant minor children are held. And John Kelly did all of this after the president* made those graceless remarks about Kelly’s son while standing aside the young man’s grave. Frankly, I don’t know how Kelly could even look at the man without vomiting after that.

That is the part of Goldberg’s piece that is the most infuriating. Yes, the president*’s remarks about all the “losers” and “suckers” who died in Belleau Wood are grotesque—although, to be fair, he isn’t entirely wrong about World War I. Yes, the idea that El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago avoided a trip to a military cemetery in France because rain might have damaged his coiffure is both sad and hilarious. Yes, his obsession with John McCain, which continues to this day, apparently, is the product of a bent and twisted mind. And yes, his apparent revulsion at the sight of wounded veterans is unbecoming in a president of the United States. All of these things are true. But all of these things were true at the time. Kelly and the president* went to Arlington five months into the president*’s term. Kelly worked for the president* for another year and, since then, until just now, he has maintained his silence as the president*’s assault on the rule of law and the Constitution only intensified. All of them—Kelly, H.R. McMaster, James Mattis—have been Good Soldiers rather than patriots. (Mattis did call the president* a threat to the Constitution in another Goldberg piece that ran in June. Of this year. Barn. Lock. Missing horse.) This is also the case for all the anonymous people behind Goldberg’s opus. Personally, I have more respect for the average kid marching in the streets than I do for all of them combined.…

Are Trump campaign staff lazy or stupid.

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  1. Does anybody sane doubt the Atlantic story? I saw trump mock disabled people. Who does that after the age of 10, seriously. I saw trump denigrate John McCain. I didn’t always agree with Senator McCain’s politics but I always thought of him as a decent human being, a public servant that gave much in service to our country. I saw trump skip the services at the cemetery in France where our friends & allies honored our sacrifices to keep their country free & he couldn’t be bothered because he didn’t want to mess up his hair. His hair looks ridiculous everyday, weather doesn’t matter.

  2. Hey, I am one of the disabled people. Have had several surgeries and it hasn’t helped much. But I would like to meet this cupcake sometime. Preferably after he gets voted out of office. And they need to take back any medals won by John Kelly. First for not confronting trump over his kid. Second for being a piece of human garbage for running concentration camps.


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