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Wingnuts on Reddit are spinning conspiracy theories about MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc and his MAGAVan as fast as the damning facts come out — that Sayoc was a democrat, and the bumper stickers festooning his van were brand new and the van itself a creation of evil Hollywood liberals to smear peace loving MAGANuts in order to skew the mid-terms.

Just one problem with that; Cocaine Cowboys  producer David Cypkin noticed the van semi-permanently parked in front of Jewish Deli in his neighborhood and photographed it in December of last year.

The Wrap

“David Cypkin’s girlfriend texted him a news story Friday morning, soon after Cesar Sayoc was arrested on suspicion of sending multiple mail bombs. She asked him: “Is that the van??”

It was the van. On Dec. 31, 2017, after months of seeing the van parked in front of a Jewish grocery store near his south Florida home, Cypkin, a documentary filmmaker, took some pictures of it — and wondered about its owner.

It was the same van authorities seized Friday — a van covered in pro-Trump, anti-Democrat and anti-CNN stickers. CNN and some of the Democrats received mysterious, potentially explosive devices this week.

Cypkin, a producer whose documentaries include “Cocaine Cowboys,” is well aware of the right-wing conspiracy, already circulating online Friday, that the van was a Hollywood creation, designed to trick people and manufacture a Trump connection to the mailings. So he tweeted not only his photos, but also metadata showing that he took them on the last day of 2017.”

And thoughtfully, when asked, linked to the metadata supporting his claim…

Future Reddit conspiracy wags will have to account for Cypkin’s ability to warp the space-time continuum to sell their nonsense.

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