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Honestly, none of us should be amazed by the news. As a species we don’t take direction very well, and as a society, we pretty much do as we damn well please. And after more than a month in many cases of pretty much solitary confinement, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a few sore heads are acting out their displeasure in public.

But sadly this may just be the tip of the iceberg. If you haven’t already done so, you should consider it your civic duty to suffer through 10 minutes per hour of FUX News during the prime time viewing window. Moronic slobs like Fucker Carlson, Sean Manatee, and Laura Ingraham are scouring the gutters and sewers for a very particular kind of guest.

They are looking for the kind of inbred morons who are willing to go on national television and claim that the stay-at-home orders are literally destroying the American way of life! They stare earnestly into the camera that there is no empirical proof that social distancing has slowed the spread of the virus, maliciously laying a charge knowing gull well that it’s impossible to disprove a negative. One muddle headed toad actually passionately proclaimed that If it comes down to a choice between the life of the nation, and the life of its citizens, the latter must always take precedence, but only up to a certain point!

This is a vicious, self repeating game of table tennis between congenital idiots. His Lowness stands there every day behind the podium and serves this nonsensical tripe over the net, only to have the ghoulish propaganda trolls at FUX News serve it right back to him 3 hours a night.

Both Trump and the ghouls at Cluster Fux are playing on the fears and insecurities of the gullible. Right now, the protests in Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio are small and pretty much self contained. But as the sequestration continues, and it will, more anger, fear, and frustration will build. And a combination of news coverage of the small local protests, fueled by a constant indoctrination of bullshit from FUX, will only serve to drive more of the gullible into the streets. And at some point, Mayors and Governors are going to take steps to ensure public safety. And that’s when it will get messy, which is exactly what FUX is drooling over the prospect of covering live.

There is no longer any salient argument about the legitimacy of FUX News as a legitimate news organization. It has all of the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin, and the moral integrity of a street corner 3 card monte dealer. Throughout this crisis, FUX has enabled a public health crisis by constantly underplaying the severity of the crisis. And now, left unchecked, FUX will be happy to fuel a public safety crisis by inciting opposition to the very restrictions that are keeping people safe. Gee, I wonder if Trump and FUX will blame the Governors?

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  1. Look, it’s one thing when cousins breed. But with fox I think you have some brother sister matchups. And they all slober over trump so bad that they send his suits to them instead of dry cleaners. But you are right. My internet has fox featured. I don’t know if it’s because I am in a red state or what. But I do flick through to see what headlines are running. And I am often baffled by the sheer absurdity that these people think is a good story.

  2. I don’t watch FOX News for the same reasons I don’t drink out of my toilet! Saw this on a sign at a protest once. LOVE IT.

  3. Being as they’re “congenital idiots” (I’m so stealing this Murfster35), I’d say knock yourselves out. Infect each other. Have a good time. Then, stay home no matter how sick you are, (it’s just the flu), because we already have over 9,000 infected health care workers & 27 deaths, & they don’t deserve to have to risk their lives saving these dumbasses that intentionally brought it on themselves. People have died from believing these fools. I hope their families sue for misinformation causing wrongful death. The photos looked like a meeting of the Incel society, we wouldn’t be losing much if their cases were fatal.

  4. You do know whats happening. Its all Trump. He knows he will lose the election in November. He is trying to stop vote by mail, and has succeeded so far. Now his only hope is for the virus! If he can get the states to open up prematurely without proper testing, by inciting they protest. Mainly in the Blue states. By the time November hits we will be in FULL BLOWN PANDEMIC again and voter turnout will be low…..So he thinks! He is underestimating the Democrats. Look what happened in Wisconsin, the turnout was fantastic. Enough for the Republicans to lose. We know what will happen if this AS$HOLE gets reelected again. Even if it costs some people getting sick and God forbid die, we will vote him OUT! He knows this is his only out so we the DEMOCRATS, INDEPENDENTS, and ya some REPUBLICANS will have to do it. VOTE HIM OUT and all this madness will stop!!!!!


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