It seems that Trump was given preferential treatment. The one drug he was given is part of a study and is not supposed to be used outside that setting.  He was given the experimental drug that has only been given out approximately ten times. He was also given Remdesivir as a supplemental treatment along with steroids. Let’s put it this way. You could probably buy a new car on what these drugs cost us so that this snowflake could go prancing around like some mythical fairy.

And he blows it off for a photo op. This is what our office of the president has come to. It sickens me to the soul. So many souls crying to the stars. And the whole time we don’t even know how sick he really is. Of course, dependent on this revelation, the pharmaceutical company has offered to treat Joe Biden should he become sick. It’s only fair. But this says nothing about the million-plus Americans that are sick from this! And not a damn thing for the 210,000 people that have died! What about them? Where is their special treatment?

I maybe don’t know what I am talking about, but from where I sit I think that a good portion of America is getting screwed. And that is another thing about getting screwed. Trump has decided that there will be no more negotiations on a COVID relief stimulus plan until after the election and he wins four more years. I wonder if he noticed his damn stock market that just dropped off a cliff? Seriously, it dropped all the way down and it looked like it bounced off the bottom of the graph.

Now while all this was going on we have the New Jersey fundraiser. These people are coming unglued as many of these people have been exposed to the virus. I am sure that Trump won votes there. All the local schools have contacted their students and told them that if their parents were at the party to stay away from their schools. Typhoid Mary doesn’t hold a candle to Trump! And the truly sad thing here is that Trump doesn’t get it. He now may be personally responsible for people getting this and not having access to the top doctors in the country. There are people that could quite possibly die. And still, he does nothing to reach out to America.

Of course, there’s what’s left of his inner circle. But right now you are going to need to take a roll call to see who is still around. And I am sure that list gets shorter every day. Some of these inner supporters have medical conditions that could just knock them out when they develop symptoms. And personally, I think contact tracing might help but this administration in their arrogance is refusing to fully cooperate.

This is where you get the idea for riddles like this. What would you rather have? 100,000 dollars or a penny doubled every day for thirty days. Well, the correct answer would be a penny doubled every day which comes to somewhere over a million dollars. But in my analysis, I would say one COVID patient doubled every day gets me a million sick people.

And obviously, if you attend a trump event like the one in New Jersey where there were 200 paid guests you are talking about New York and New Jersey going down. That would be beneficial to Trump because he could be facing a lot of court challenges in New York very soon. Of course, the one good thing here is that if you play golf, it probably won’t be hard to get a tee time. All the club members will be convalescing in the hospital by the weekend.

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  1. Not to worry. His head will explode when the election results are announced and we will discover that his brain is actually a mass of maggots.


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