Lots of screaming during previous guy’s regime, beyond the whining about hoaxes and witch hunts. 2020 didn’t get any better just after the second impeachment.

Jared Kushner allegedly berated a public health official during the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 when he was told a shipment of millions of masks wouldn’t get to the United States until June.

“You f—ing moron! We’ll all be dead by June,” Kushner reportedly screamed at then-Assistant Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department Robert Kadlec.

it revealed how much Trump’s response was poisoned at almost every turn by political infighting among his ‘Yes men’ aides.

Kadlec oversaw the purchase of 600 million masks for the U.S. as the coronavirus and panic spread. Kadlec told Kushner in March that the masks would not arrive until June, to which Kushner reportedly threw his pen at the wall in anger.

The incident is described in the upcoming book, “Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History,” by Washington Post reporters Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta.


“Testing is killing me!”

Trump exclaimed in a phone call to HHS Sec Alex Azar on March 18, yelling so loudly that Azar’s aides overheard every word.

“I’m going to lose the election because of testing! What idiot had the federal government do testing?” 

“Uh, do you mean Jared?” Azar responded,… 

Just five days earlier, Kushner had vowed to take charge of a national testing strategy with the help of the private sector

Kushner’s national testing strategy was an attempt to coordinate testing information which was nixed as Kushner also gained control of the supply chain and logistics planning. All while thwarting a national mask distribution plan using the US Postal Service.



Every day that Weisselberg arrives for work at Trump Tower — as he did that day, steering in from his Upper West Side apartment across town — could be seen as a public signal that he is sticking with Trump and deflecting investigators’ advances.

As the most senior non-Trump executive at the former president’s private, closely held company, Weisselberg is probably a key figure in prosecutors’ efforts to indict Trump, legal experts say. His central role in nearly every aspect of Trump’s business, revealed in depositions and news interviews over the past three decades, afforded him what former employees say is a singular view of the Trump Organization’s tax liabilities and finances.

Although that role long allowed him to stay behind the scenes, it may place him front and center in what would be an unprecedented prosecution of a former president, should the investigation advance.


New York criminal defense and civil rights lawyer Earl S. Ward said that wealthy, white-collar defendants in Manhattan state court often walk away with “a wrist-slap compared to individuals who are poor and commit economic crimes of desperation.”

That’s not likely to be the case for Weisselberg “only because of the real target in this investigation,” he said, referring to Trump. Ward has handled a number of cases in the New York Supreme Court, where a criminal indictment of Trump would be heard.

“Typically in state court in New York County if you’re charged with a financial crime and you’re a rich millionaire you’re not going to go to jail — it rarely happens,” Ward said. “The difference here is that there’s a real target in this investigation and given who that target is, I’d be surprised if [Weisselberg] gets off scot free.”


“I think Weissellberg’s playing Russian roulette with the district attorney’s office if he thinks that even if he is indicted he is going to get a pass,” the Post cited New York defense lawyer Robert C. Gottlieb, who previously served as a prosecutor for the district attorney’s office. “We’re not talking about fraud involving a few thousand dollars, we’re talking about allegations of a massive fraud involving millions of dollars over an extended period of time in which he was CFO.” 

a bullet in revolver gun's chamber ready for "Russian roulette" deadly game

One might see Russian roulette with the D.A.’s office as less dangerous than turning on Trump, especially if Trump is looming over him making threats himself. If the D.A.’s office nailed Trump with millions of dollars worth of financial crimes, it might mean that Trump himself is playing Russian roulette, because Trump may not be the only one interested in this game. Trump might really be playing Russian roulette.


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