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People will bet on anything, and betting websites are always willing to accommodate those gamblers. Bookmaker.eu decided to offer up an interesting over/under bet on Tuesday night’s eight-minute immigration propaganda address by Donald Trump. According to BuzzFeed News, the gambling website gave odds of -145 to anyone betting that Trump would lie more than 3.5 times during his eight-minute address, and +115 if he lied less. In layman’s terms, if you took the over and bet $145, you could win $100. The website handicapped the odds this way because they underestimated how craven Donald Trump could be.

Unfortunately for Bookmaker.eu, most of the people betting on Tuesday night’s level of honesty took the easy money bet, saying Trump would just dance around with his pants on fire for eight minutes. John Lester is an odds consultant for the site and told BuzzFeed, “It’s a bad day for Truthiness and Bookmaker,”  as the site will lose $276,424 in payouts.

The website’s saving grace was that with a few exceptions, they did not allow bets to exceed $2,000. The lesson: Never bet against how low Donald Trump can go.

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