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What with yet another mass shooting in Midland/Odessa yesterday and an apparently first in history category 5 hurricane…

…bearing down on the Bahamas, and probably Florida after that, one would think that POTUS would have better things to do than sulk tweet about an Emmy award winning actress not being sufficiently deferential to him as of late.

Well, this IS drumpf, so one would be thinking wrong:

This idiocy had it’s genesis in Messing’s call out to The Hollywood Reporter to publish a list of names of those that would be attending a fundraiser for Trump later this month:

Cause, you know, inquiring minds want to know:

But Mango Mussolini got his nose out of joint, and so he retreated to his safe Twitter space when he should be attending to the nation’s business.

Debra returned his attention:

But, Debra, that would entail him actually doing his job….can’t have that.

Keep giving it to the baby-man, Deb…maybe post a photo of you polishing your Emmy.

That will enrage him like the murder of Americans or the destruction of Florida never will.

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