‘We Won’t Forget’: New Digital Ad Campaign Targets Susan Collins Over Kavanaugh Vote

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As part of a growing effort to unseat Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) in 2020 over her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year, the advocacy group Demand Justice on Saturday launched a new digital ad campaign targeting the four-term senator after Kavanaugh “declared war on Roe v. Wade” in his dissent in a major Louisiana abortion case.

The ad recounts Collins’ comments ahead of her decisive vote to confirm Kavanaugh last year, in which she recited the judge’s assurances that he is not looking to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Collins promised to protect women’s rights,” the ad declares. “It was all a sham… We won’t forget.”


In a press release, Demand Justice said it is also running “static Facebook ads reminding Mainers of Collins’ vote for Kavanaugh.”

“The five-figure buy will run over multiple weeks,” the group said, “and is part of a sustained effort Demand Justice will mount to hold Collins accountable for supporting Kavanaugh.”

On top of ad campaigns against Collins, a fundraising effort to oust the Maine senator in 2020 has already brought in millions of dollars.

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A promise from a Republican is like a parent conning their kids with the lie of Santa Claus!