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I am not here to start up conspiracy theories, I don’t have to because reporting and arrest records back up the fact that groups like Boogaloo, Proud Boys and other white nationalists are behind much of the violence that we have seen in American cities following police shootings.

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We first got an inkling how pervasive this was during the riots in Minneapolis, where social media accounts associated with most of the people arrested were linked to right wing extremist groups.

Now let me wander in to conspiracy theory territory for a moment while acknowledging that I have no evidence of any wrongdoing. Make no mistake that the shooting of Jacob Blake was an execution. It took place in Kenosha Wisconsin, a battle ground city in a critical state for Trump. I will be very interested to learn more about who this officer is that unloaded his gun in to the back of an unarmed black man who posed no threat.

What’s not a coincidence is that armed militias began pouring in to Kenosha along with similar fires, looting  and violence that followed peaceful protests during the day in other cities. This has led to extensive media coverage as the violence again returns following the shooting of an unarmed black man and subsequently blamed on “protesters”. This is overly simplistic and lazy reporting given what we have learned from arrests in other instances that points to Boogaloo and other groups. The public is then left to believe that the violence  is being incited by Black Lives Matter. That angry black people are the ones destroying property. The reality is that BLM denounces those acts.

That this is the primary theme of the RNC convention is most certainly a coincidence. I am not suggesting any coordination. I suspect that tonight the RNC speakers will amp up the fear considerably around the events in Wisconsin. The media must begin to question and accurately report on who is actually creating the violence. The public must understand fully the circumstances, especially in light that it’s being used for political purposes by the Trump administration.

Fear of the other has worked before for the Republicans. Remember that Michael Dukakis was up by 8 points over George Bush in the summer of 1988 before the GOP played the Will Horton racist card.  Dukakis admitted later that he thought the public would see through it. Democrats have a history of losing elections because of that attitude. George W. Bush, a draft dodger who started two wars, was able to win re-election when his party effectively painted his opponent, Silver Star recipient John Kerry, as some kind of war traitor. Democrats must take the lead here and be a loud voice against social injustice, every minute of every day. It’s the right thing to do and it will help them win.

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