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One of the most popular sayings in sports is “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” Shhhh! Is that throat spray I hear being spritzed in the background?

ABC News is reporting that Michael Flynn’s lawyer met today with investigators from the Mueller investigation. This follows on the heels of the news last week that reported that Flynn’s lawyers had advised Team Trmp that they would no longer be able to share privileged defense strategy with the Trump defense team.

It ain’t over until it’s over. But when you put those two things together, it’s starting to look like the bottom of the ninth, with the bases empty and two men out. While it is possible that they were meeting with Mueller’s men coordinating the timing of the announcement of unsealed indictments, it is equally likely that they are at some stage of negotiation with Flynn in return for his flipping on the campaign.

This could get interesting real quick, no matter which way it shakes out. If they were simply coordinating when indictments against Flynn, and possibly his son are revealed, we’ll know just how badly they have Flynn and his kid over the barrel. If in fact Flynn is considering turning canary, it could be devastating for Trump.

Flynn was one of his earliest supporters. He traveled with Trump on a regular basis, warming crowds for him, and acting as a moderator in town hall style rallies. Flynn was a career military intelligence officer. I’m sure that his ears work fine, and who knows what juicy tidbits he picked up. Even if he he can’t nail Trump himself, what do you think the odds are that he has something damaging on other players like Donnie Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort? Just the information that has been disseminated publicly shows how amateurlish those nebbishes were in trying to play the covert game. Who knows what stupid shit they either did, or contemplated doing that we haven’t heard about yet.

No matter which side the coin flip ends up on, Trump is going to be squeezed. If indictments are announced, especially nail-him-to-the-wall charges, the pressure goes through the roof on Flynn to cut a deal to at least minimize the time he and his son do, and the fines he’ll face. If there’s one thing Trump hates more than almost anything else, it’s feeling that he is in a situation where he can’t control events. And with Trump’s petulant nature, his frustrated spewing can kill him. And if in fact it turns out that Flynn has turned turtle, Trump will be totally obsessed about every conversation he ever had with Flynn, every conversation anybody else in the campaign had with him, and what exactly does Flynn know and remember, and how much of it is he sharing.

One thing to watch for. If in fact heavy indictments are announced on Flynn and his son, past history shows that Trump will jump through burning tires to distance himself from Flynn and disavow him. If that happens, it only increases the possibility that Flynn will flip, knowing that his chances of getting a pardon from Don the Con are very unlikely. Once again, Trump’s own selfishness and petulance will sink him in the end. Contrast that with the incredible loyalty Richard Nixon engendered. Most of his trusted advisers went to the slammer rather than betray him. In this White House? Mueller is likely to need to install one of those deli counter “take a number” machines for the line of rats fleeing the Trumptanic.

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