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I have become addicted to those short recipe videos that show someone make a dish that would take ages, in just seconds.  For example:

There is just something so calming and amazing for me about watching an amazing recipe get sped up so that it seems easy to do when we really know it is not.

When you are making a difficult recipe, there is step after step after step.  Some of them are boring.  Some are difficult.  Some take a bunch of tries to get right.  And some actually can hurt your hands they take so many movements to get right.

Right now, we have a recipe for saving our country, world, and planet.  We need to work to get the best candidate.  We need to rally around whomever wins the nomination. We need to donate money if we can.  We need to go door to door.  We need to protect our election integrity with all the tools we have.  We need to GOTMFV like our lives depend on it (they do).

Some of the steps in this recipe will be fun.  Some will be hard. There will be moments where we might mess something up and have to pick ourselves up and try again to get it just right.

But here is something I know: This recipe works.  If we do these things we WILL win.

Yes, it will be hard.  Yes there will be moment when it feels like things won’t work out.

To go back to the recipe analogy, this Thanksgiving, with half an hour left to finish the Turkey and then warm everything else up , my oven went berserk and started beeping every second and flashing weird random numbers.  We Jerry-rigged a way around it, ignored the beeping, and got food on the table.

We will have to do the same thing.  Is gerrymandering a problem we will have to work our way around?  Heck yah.  But we won 40 seats in the most gerrymandered House in the history of our country in 2018.  It won’t stop us.  Will voter suppression be an issue? dirty tricks?  Foreign interference?  Yup, yup, and yup.  Heck, a fair fight we could win with our hands tied behind our backs.

But we can win an unfair one too.  By following the recipe and fighting like hell each and every day.

It won’t be pretty, just the way that complicated recipes are never pretty while you are following them.

But when it is over we will be able to run the highlight reel of our efforts in our minds, just like the food videos I so love.  And we will feel the same pride and joy in our accomplishments. We will have saved our country!  And the world!  And the planet!

All it takes is following the recipe:

1.  pick the best candidate we can

2. get behind WHATEVER candidate we pick

3.  Donate money

4. Donate time


We’ve got this!

Great 2020 News!

Republicans are retiring at a rate even HIGHER than the rate they had in 2018 (when we kicked their asses).

and that was before this!!!

A new poll suggests a winning message for Democrats in 2020

As Democratic candidates slug it out with their primary rivals, a new report on voter attitudes toward the economy from the Center for American Progress and pollster GBAO offers guidance on what kind of message will put the eventual nominee and party in the best position for the general election.

Here’s the good news: Unity exists, even in the United States of 2019. “We see widespread support on reducing college costs, taxing the wealthy, checking corporate power and ensuring people have access to the basics,” John Halpin, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and one of the report’s co-authors, told me.

We can win the rust belt (I think we can win the sun belt too).

and this is election news too because it is part of what it means to be a democrat and why we are working so hard for 2020.  THIS is what democrats do!!

I made a version of this for  Friendsgiving potluck.  It was sublime:

Some Good Legal News

The fight to expand gun rights may have hit a snag in the Supreme Court

A highly anticipated Second Amendment case that threatened to upend a decade of precedents appears likely to go up in smoke if today’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court are anything to go by. All four members of the Court’s liberal minority appeared to believe that the court lacks jurisdiction to hear the case, and Chief Justice John Roberts asked a few questions suggesting that he is sympathetic to this view

Judge orders release of ex-acting AG Whitaker’s financial documents

A federal judge has turned down the Justice Department’s bid to keep secret several financial disclosure forms former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker submitted before his filings were formally accepted by ethics officials.

Acting on a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by BuzzFeed, District Judge Trevor McFadden ruled Wednesday that the draft financial disclosures are ineligible for protection under an exemption protecting the confidentiality of policy-making debates.


Good News from Around The World

Italy’s Sardines push back against Salvini’s nationalist tide

A December rain was drenching the northern Italian city of Milan, and in the shadow of its Gothic cathedral was a sea of umbrellas – and a sea of Sardines.

Crammed into the Piazza Duomo, packed tightly like the fish that’s given them their name, was a nascent movement gaining ground across the country.

They came with a message: promoting human rights and respect for migrants and halting the rise and rise of one man – Matteo Salvini.

The leader of the far-right League party and Italy’s former deputy prime minister abruptly quit the government over the summer, hoping to spark elections, which polls had suggested he would win.

It was an unexpected miscalculation, as an alternative coalition was formed and he was relegated to the opposition.

“Something big is happening,” said Alessandra Giordano, a 24-year-old student braving the downpour in Milan – Mr Salvini’s hometown. “It’s time to let them know we’ve woken up against racism, hatred, people fighting each other. Populism divides us – for example, trying to make us fear people coming from war and other countries. We don’t want this.”ele

not sure why anyone would make an omelet without cheese but I love watching them make this

It Was a Bad Week for Criminals

Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells inspector general he can’t back right-wing theory that Russia case was U.S. intelligence setup

The prosecutor handpicked by Attorney General William P. Barr to scrutinize how U.S. agencies investigated President Trump’s 2016 campaign said he could not offer evidence to the Justice Department’s inspector general to support the suspicions of some conservatives that the case was a setup by American intelligence, people familiar with the matter said.

New revelations about Barr and Giuliani strengthen case against Trump

One of the strongest arguments made by experts testifying against President Trump is that he poses a present and continuing threat to our democracy. By adopting the stance that extorting a foreign leader into helping him rig the election was perfectly fine, Trump has confirmed he’ll keep using the levers of government to continue to corrupt it on his behalf.

“If left unchecked, the president will likely continue his pattern of soliciting foreign interference in the next election,” one constitutional scholar called by Democrats testified on Wednesday. “No misconduct is more antithetical to our democracy.”

The latest nefarious doings of none other than William P. Barr and Rudolph W. Giuliani have now forcefully underscored this very point. In so doing, Trump’s attorney general and his personal lawyer — whose roles Trump views as one and the same — have helpfully strengthened the case against Trump.

Rudy’s New Ukraine Jaunt Is Freaking Out Trump’s Lieutenants—and He Doesn’t Care

Top administration officials have been tracking Giuliani’s venture through Europe, wondering if he’s going to cause yet another major headache for the president.

Giuliani just confessed to the crime. He also revealed something bigger.

Rudolph W. Giuliani just confessed to the crime in broad daylight — or, more precisely, in broad cyber-daylight. Yet he did so defiantly, with a middle finger unfurled in our faces, without the slightest concern that it would harm him or his “client,” as he describes President Trump.

Giuliani’s tweets are revealing, and not in a good way

“The conversation about corruption in Ukraine was based on compelling evidence of criminal conduct by then VP Biden,” Giuliani tweeted, referring to Joe Biden, the intended target of “investigations” Trump and Giuliani pressured Ukraine to announce.

To empirically grounded observers, this will blow up a key Trump defense: that in conditioning official acts on getting Ukraine to announce the investigations he wanted, he was correctly concerned with cleaning up corruption there.

After all, Giuliani just confirmed that in pressuring Ukraine, “investigate corruption” actually meant, “smear Trump’s political rival.”

Are those really the only ingredients in sorbet??


Nancy Pelosi just wrote Donald Trump’s name in the history books

Don’t miss what happened in Washington on Thursday morning: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi virtually guaranteed that President Donald Trump will be only the third president in American history to be impeached by the House.

“Sadly, but with confidence and humility … today, I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment,” said Pelosi just after 9 a.m. ET.

Pelosi: ‘I’m not on a timetable. I’m on a mission.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shrugged at the suggestion Thursday night that she might let go of the speaker’s gavel if a Democrat beats President Trump in 2020.

“We’ll see. I’m not on a timetable. I’m on a mission,” she said, punctuating the last words for effect.


I’m not the only one who things so:

Trump creates evidence faster than the House can draft impeachment articles

He was handing Russia the material with which to blackmail him because he wanted to conceal his calls and ensure there would be no record of the calls, which is about the best evidence of consciousness of guilt you are ever going to find. (“When Trump realized that this enabled [chief of staff John] Kelly to compile daily logs of his calls, and the identities of those he was speaking to, Trump became annoyed and reverted to using his cellphone, officials said. ‘He was totally paranoid that everyone knew who he was talking to,’ a former senior administration official said.”)

That is one factual nugget that should be included in the articles of impeachment, especially if endangering national security is included (e.g. illegally preventing authorized aid from reaching an ally seeking to defend against Russian aggression). Perhaps the topic is deserving of a supplementary House Intelligence Committee hearing.

That is not the only new evidence that should be considered in drafting articles of impeachment. Unbelievably, Giuliani is back in Ukraine still digging for imaginary dirt to use against Trump’s political rival, former vice president Joe Biden.

Fox News Legal Analysts: GOP Impeachment Witness Is ‘Simply Wrong’

Both Judge Andrew Napolitano and Andrew McCarthy took issue with the Republican witness’ claims against impeachment.

During a break in Wednesday’s House Judiciary impeachment hearing, two Fox News analysts who have largely been on opposite sides of the impeachment fence found themselves in agreement on one thing: Republican witness Jonathan Turley was “simply wrong” to argue that Congress was abusing its power by impeaching the president.

More than 500 law professors say Trump committed ‘impeachable conduct’

More than 500 legal scholars have signed on to an open letter asserting that President Trump committed “impeachable conduct” and that lawmakers would be acting well within their rights if they ultimately voted to remove him from office.

The signers are law professors and other academics from universities across the country, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Michigan and many others. The open letter was published online Friday by the nonprofit advocacy group Protect Democracy.

The President’s Pardon Power May Be Weaker Than It Seems

At least when it comes to “cases of impeachment.”

It is likely for that reason that the framers inserted an important qualification concerning a process that has dominated the news for months: The president could exercise the pardon power, “except in cases of impeachment.” In its narrowest form, both textually and historically, this means that the president cannot pardon an executive or judicial officer — including himself — from impeachment conviction. But perhaps this reading doesn’t go far enough, for the president

and finally… ALL THE DESSERTS!!!

Ways to get involved for 2020

Let’s do this!

So proud and lucky to be in this with you!! ❤️ ✊ ❤️ 


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Loved all of that! Good sound advice about going forward in the election and great ‘downtime’ with the recipes which were great. We need more of that